Cure Hematospermia with Home Remedy

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Hematospermia is a common disease in andrology, most of which is caused by the problem of the seminal vesicle. Some people think that hemospermia is a kind of benign self-limited disease, only anti-infection and other conservative treatment is needed.

However, in the clinic, it is often seen that patients with obstinate hematospermia have a long course of the disease, and the effect of oral antibiotics is not good. Therefore, it is considered as a possible way to explore new adjuvant therapy - diet therapy. Next, I'd like to introduce a few therapeutic recipes for hemospermia.
1. Coix seed porridge with a pig bladder
Ingredients: 2 pig bladder, 100g coix seed.
Practice: wash and cut the pig bladder, add some oil to stir fry, put the coix seed in, and add some water to cook into porridge, and then add seasoning when the porridge is cooked.
Efficacy: it can clear away heat and remove dampness. It is suitable for the blood essence caused by warm accumulation.
Usage: take it twice a day.

2. Carp soup
Ingredients: 1 carp (250 ~ 500g), a proper amount of pepper, fennel, onion, ginger.
Practice: scaling the fish and remove the viscera, clean it, and put some water to boil into soup, add seasoning after it is cooked.
Efficacy: clear away dampness and heat, suitable for the type of downward flow of damp and heat.
3. Red bean congee
Ingredients: 50g red bean and 50g rice
Practice: wash red bean, rice separately, add a proper amount of water to cook into porridge.
Efficacy: it canclear away dampness and heat, suitable for heat-dampness blocking type.

4. Lotus root porridge
Ingredients: 50g fresh lotus root and 50g japonica rice.
Practice: wash the fresh lotus root, dice it, and put it into the pot together with the washed japonica rice. Then add some water to boil it into congee, and mix it with sugar when congee is cooked.
Efficacy: it is suitable for the type of hyperactivity of fire caused by a deficiency of YIN.
Usage: take it once a day.
5. Lotus seed porridge
Ingredients: 50g lotus seed and 50g rice, a proper amount of sugar.
Practice: take out the cores of lotus seed, put it into the pot with clean rice, and add some water to cook into porridge, finally add some sugar for seasoning.
Efficacy: it can tonify the heart and spleen, and is suitable for the spleen and kidney deficiency type.

6. Black fungus and jujube soup
Ingredients: black fungus 15-30g, 20-30 jujubes.
Practice: wash the black fungus and jujubes, then add a proper amount of water for decoction.
Efficacy: it can activate blood circulation, remove blood stasis, and relieve pain, and is suitable for stasis type.
Usage: take one dose per day.
7. Yam porridge with mutton
Ingredients:500g lamb and yam each, 250g rice.
Practice:Cook the mutton thoroughly, grind the yam, and put the rice into the gravy and cook them together into porridge.
Efficacy: it can benefit the kidney and strengthen Yang, and is suitable for the kidney yang deficiency type.

8. Tendons and blood rattan soup
Ingredients: 80g pig's tendon, 50g chicken blood vine, six jujubes, a little salt.
Practice: wash all the ingredients, and put them into a casserole together, add some water, boil them over low heat, and add salt for seasoning after the tendons are cooked.
Efficacy: it can activate blood circulation and dredge stasis, and is suitable for the patients with hematospermia caused by stasis of internal Yin.
9. Coix seed soup with Gingko and safflower
Ingredients:10 white fruits (shelled), 10 grams of safflower, 60 grams of Coix seed.
Practice: add the proper amount of water to the three ingredients and cook them thoroughly.
Efficacy: it can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, dredge collaterals and relieve pain, and is suitable for blood stasis type.
Usage: add a proper amount of sugar and take one dose every day.

10. Peach kernel congee
Ingredients:10g peach kernel, 50g rice, and 10g brown sugar.
Practice: peel and grind the peach kernel, cook it into congee with rice, and mix it with brown sugar.
Efficacy: it can activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and is suitable for stasis type.
In the treatment of hematospermia, food therapy is a very effective treatment, but it is only an auxiliary role, the key is to follow the doctor's guidance, and drug therapy is also indispensable. For patients with ineffective antibiotic treatment, they might help but ask, then what should we do?

In fact, you can also choose herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill developed by Dr. Lee Xiaoping. Herbal medicine can effectively eliminate inflammation and edema, help repair the blood vessels of the seminal vesicle wall, regulate the overall function of the male reproductive system, achieve the goal of cure of seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis, and fundamentally prevent the occurrence of hematospermia. Best wishes for your recovery!

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