Hematospermia and Testicular Pain Cured after 3 Courses

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Andrew, 26 years old, lives in America. He has had blood in semen after ejaculation and discomfort on the left testicle for about 11 months. At first, he went to a Urologist, and his urologist also did an STD test, and ultrasound imaging on his testicles and everything is normal. 
Then he was prescribed 2 weeks of antibiotics. While taking the antibiotics, the doctor told him that he needed to ejaculate regularly to promote recovery. So in those 2 weeks, Andrew masturbated about 3-4 times a week. After the third week, Andrew found that there was no more blood in his semen, and he thought that might be the sign of a cure. 
However, within one month, Andrew found that there was still blood in his semen again while having sex, but when he masturbated, there was almost no blood, and everything is fine. He was really helpless, then he searched across youtube and found a video about Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Then he asked for help from Dr. Lee. Dr. Lee gave him some advice and told him that his symptoms are most likely to be caused by inflammations instead of infections, and his condition can be treated by our herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.
At first, Andrew was afraid that his duration is too long and the curative might be not good, Dr. Lee told him a real case of another patient with a long history to encourage him, which built up his confidence. Then Andrew ordered two courses of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, and Dr. Lee also gave him some tips on his diet during the treatment.
In the first few days, Andrew told Dr. Lee that his symptoms are on and off every now and then. Dr. Lee told him not to worry, and it usually takes at least 15 days to see obvious improvement for serious symptoms. Besides, she also told him again that he needs to control his diet and living habits strictly, and suggested him to take three packets of pills a day to accelerate the progress.
After ten days, Andrew’s left testicular discomfort was improved a little bit, but he noticed that there was a burning sensation and tightness pain that happens on the left testicle when he sat. Dr. Lee told him to take three packets of pills a day and insist on developing a healthy diet and living style.
A week later, he told Dr. Lee that there was no blood in his semen when he had sex. The pain on his left testicle is still there, but it seems to be a little better. On March 24, Andrew said that the pain on the left testicle was reduced, and Dr. Lee told him to take two packets of pills a day instead of 3 packets.
After finishing two courses, the discomfort on the left testicle subside. Dr. Lee recommended him to finish three months of the medication to achieve a complete cure. Then Andrew ordered the 3rd course because he did see great improvements. On June 12, Andrew told Dr. Lee he was feeling a lot better after two and a half months of courses, and the discomfort almost go away. It had been three weeks since he stopped the treatment, and he only felt a little tingle once or twice.
On October 20, Andrew said that he had stopped the treatment and felt great. And he was so excited and wrote an email to appreciate Dr. Lee. Besides, because Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is made of natural herbs through reasonable compatibility; Andrew also does not get any side effects or drug resistance in the treatment.