25 Years of Hematospermia Cured by One Course of Herbal Medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill

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Name: Bernard
Gender: Male
Address: Argentina
Dignosis: Hematospermia
There are a lot of blood after (sometimes during) ejaculation, and discomfort in the area. These symptoms will come and go without any warning or reason about once or twice per year and last from 1-3 months each time.
Medical history: 
During all those years, Bernald have seen many doctors who diagnosed him with prostatitis or seminal vesiculitis and gave him various antibiotics; but the problem still comes back as before, and nothing really improved; symptoms just appear the same as before. And there are also some other doctors who thought there might be some problems in the seminal vesicles which cause hematospermia but without a specific diagnosis.
Consulting time: 2018.8.29
Bernald started to take our Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for one course, and he told us everything has been good so far.
We did a follow-up visit, and Bernald said he already has no symptoms any more.
Bernald: I never give up and tried other alternatives methods without success (vitamins, supplements, etc.). Until I came across Dr. Lee during my thousand of searches for solutions on the internet. Since I have nothing to lose, I decide to try on the session of the treatment. 
I decided to give my testimony because the treatment given by Dr. Lee is working, and I have no symptoms now! And I wish others suffering from chronic hematospermia like me can have a chance to get cured. As you can imagine, I have no words to thanks Dr. Lee for helping me.