Is Moxibustion Effective for Seminal Vesiculitis Patients?

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Seminal vesiculitis is a male disease with increasing incidence in life. The emergence of seminal vesiculitis has caused great harm to male patients. If they are not detected and treated in time, they will worsen the condition and make treatment more difficult, so everyone must find and treat them early. Moxibustion is a common treatment method in Chinese medicine, and it can assist in the treatment of many diseases.
Can moxibustion be used for seminal vesiculitis?
Moxibustion is not recommended for seminal vesiculitis. Seminal vesiculitis is mainly caused by bacterial infection. It is best to treat with antibiotics rather than moxibustion. Although moxibustion is also a kind of Chinese herbal medicine, its main effect is to dispel cold, remove dampness, reduce swelling and remove blood stasis. If it is treated for seminal vesiculitis, the effect may not be obvious.
Patients with seminal vesiculitis using TCM moxibustion will not have obvious therapeutic effects. Patients do not need to use moxibustion, and it is easy to delay the condition, because seminal vesiculitis is mainly caused by bacterial infection. TCM moxibustion can not have the sterilization effect. Patients with seminal vesiculitis should go to the urology department to check urine and semen routines.
Seminal vesiculitis is a relatively common infectious disease in the genitourinary system. TCM can be used for treatment, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for radical cure. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can promote blood circulation, and discharge harmful substances contained in seminal vesicles to achieve a radical cure without recurrence.
Therefore, it is recommended to go to a regular male disease specialist hospital for examination, and then formulate a detailed treatment plan based on the examination results. Moxibustion can only serve as an auxiliary treatment. 
How to treat seminal vesiculitis?
1. Drug treatments: Choose appropriate drugs for anti-inflammation and sterilization. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can effectively sterilize and prevent the inflammation from spreading further and avoid congestion and edema of seminal vesicle glands.
2. Hemostatic agent: For patients with reddish blood essence, hemostatic sensitivity, hemostatic acid, etc. can be appropriately selected.
3. Physiotherapy: Do hot water bath, 1-2 times a day, or via perineum or rectum iontophoresis, and microwave therapy. It is used to improve local blood supply and help inflammation subside.
4. Seminal vesicle microscopy: It can clean blood clots and stones in the seminal vesicle glands under direct vision. Chronic seminal vesiculitis, combined with concomitant ejaculatory duct stenosis leads to poor excretion of seminal vesicle fluid. The ejaculatory duct orifice can be cut through the urethra.
5. Surgical treatment: In acute seminal vesiculitis, if an abscess is formed, a puncture or incision and drainage are required. For patients with severe vesiculitis or who have been treated with other methods to no effect, surgery can be used to treat them. In the past, the simple drainage and injection of sclerosing agents to reduce the cyst size was not reliable. For recurrence, infection, etc., it will bring certain difficulties to the operation, so resection is now more advocated. The resection of seminal vesiculitis is not a big operation, and it will not cause great pain to the patient.
6. Living habits: Living habits include many aspects. The first is work and rest. Work and rest should be regular, go to bed early and get up early, work and rest should be combined, avoid overwork, and avoid sedentary sitting.

The second is exercise. For patients with seminal vesiculitis, proper physical exercise can strengthen the body to fight bacteria, improve the local blood supply, and promote metabolism. And it is very beneficial to eliminate inflammation as soon as possible. Finally, the patients should quit smoking and drinking to avoid aggravating the condition.
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