Can Seminal Vesiculitis Patients Eat Spicy Food?

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Many men will have a question, why can not eat spicy food for seminal vesiculitis? Patients with seminal vesiculitis usually have symptoms of blood sperm. Chili is irritating food that usually cause local tissue congestion, which will aggravate the symptoms of blood sperm.
Can Seminal Vesiculitis Patients Eat Spicy Food?
Absolutely not!
Eating too much spicy food can stimulate blood vessels, cause local tissue congestion, and aggravate seminal vesiculitis bleeding, which is not conducive to disease recovery. Therefore, the seminal vesiculitis diet should be light and avoid spicy food.
In addition to spicy foods such as peppers, irritating foods such as ginger, garlic, and pepper should also be eaten less. These foods are likely to cause vasodilation and organ congestion, prolong inflammation or aggravate the disease, and easily make the disease uncurable and recurring. Therefore, patients must aware the consumption of these foods in their diet.
What other foods cannot eat for seminal vesiculitis?
1. Stimulating food.
After stimulating food such as the goose, crab, shrimp, seafood and others enter the body, it stimulates the body, aggravates the condition, and makes the inflammation difficult to heal repeatedly. Therefore, patients with seminal vesiculitis should avoid eating it.
2. Greasy food.
Patients with seminal vesiculitis should take a light diet. Greasy foods will bring high heat to the body and cause local blood vessel dilation, some indigestible foods will put a burden on the body, which is also very detrimental to the cure of diseases.
3. Tobacco and alcohol.
Smoking and drinking are harmful to the body and not conducive to the recovery of seminal vesiculitis, so it should be taken with caution. Smoking affects the prostate, causing prostate congestion, etc. The bacterial infection caused by prostate congestion is an important cause of seminal vesiculitis. Therefore, patients should refrain from smoking.
At the same time, patients with seminal vesiculitis should also be prohibited from drinking. Because alcohol can also dilate blood vessels and cause prostate congestion to aggravate the condition of seminal vesiculitis, it is also forbidden. It is recommended that patients with long-term drinking habits try to drink as little or not as possible, otherwise the cure of seminal vesiculitis will be a big obstacle.
What foods are good for seminal vesiculitis?
1. Fresh fruits and vegetables.
Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and trace elements, which can effectively help improve immunity after consumption, thereby assisting in the recovery of diseases, and also helping to control the recurrence of diseases.
2. Bean food.
The protein content in beans is very rich, moderate consumption can increase the body's resistance and promote the recovery of diseases.
3. Milk.
Milk, yogurt and other dairy products contain a lot of nutrients, especially rich in minerals and calcium, which are helpful for the body to restore health.
However, food therapy is only an auxiliary treatment for seminal vesiculitis. To cure it, it is necessary to use medicine. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can naturally and effectively treat seminal vesiculitis. And will not produce drug resistance and side effects. The strong anti-inflammatory ability of the pill can make sure that male urogenital system will be healthier after long-term medication.

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