The secrets why infertility can be a complication of prostatitis

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According to the WHO, around 70% male infertility is caused by low quality of sperm. But today, I am not going to give an introduction of this reason. I would like to give a brief on why the prostatitis can also bring infertility to men, which accounts for 10%. 
Prostatitis is a disease that has infection on the prostate gland. This condition not only can bring infertility to men, but also can bring lots of symptoms and pain to men. Now, let’s figure out how the prostatitis brings infertility to men.
1. Prostatic fluid which is important for sperm can be affected by infection in prostate. Prostate fluid is a component of semen. And the prostatic fluid is very important. It consists of one enzyme named fibrinolysis which is the key of liquefaction.

This enzyme can affect the liquefaction time of semen. So if one have infection in the prostate and the prostatic fluid can be detained too. Therefore, the prostatic fluid can be affected and the prolonged liquefaction time of semen can reduce the survive rate of sperm, resulting in infertility.
2. Oxygen and nutrient which are important for sperm can be consumed by bacteria or virus. Infection or inflammation in prostate commonly is caused by bacteria or virus. If one does not clear the bacteria or virus timely, the existed toxic material will consume Oxygen and nutrient which belong to sperm.

Therefore, sperm will be in a weak state and lack of activity. What’s more, the sperm also have to face the death. Besides, the quality of sperm can be affected greatly and this is the second reason why prostatitis can bring infertility to men.
3. Other reproductive diseases also can be caused by prostatitis. If the prostatitis cannot be cured timely, the inflammation in prostate gland can spread into its nearby organs like testicles, epididymitis, and seminal vesicle and so on.

And we also know that the organs like testicles, epididymitis and seminal vesicle have close connection with reproduction, so there is no doubt why prostatitis can bring infertility to man.
All in all, the above mentioned three reasons are the reason why prostatitis can bring infertility to men. But there is no need to treat this condition as a disaster, because it is curable. Not only can the prostatitis be cured by prostatitis, its complication – infertility can be cured too.

As long as one can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill and follow the diet instruction strictly, the successful rate can be as higher as 90%. What’s more, the relapse rate is very low.