What You Need To Know If You Have Problem Of Asthenospermia

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Asthenospermia is a big enemy of male fertility. Many married men have difficulty in having a child because of this problem. It can severely affect the harmony of their family. In order to avoid this disease, men should attach importance to the damages of this disease and take measures to prevent it. Here, I will introduce its damages and preventions to you. 
The damages of asthenospermia
1.The sperm quality of patients with asthenospermia is not as high as normal sperm, even though this kind of sperm can combine with eggs, the result may not be good. 
2. The fertility of patients with asthenospermia is accidental. The motility of the sperm is weak so that it’s hard to ensure the sperm quality. Thus, it can affect the reproductive function. 
3.Many pregnant women may have phenomena of preterm birth or abortion, this can be caused by the asthenospermia. Therefore, men with asthenospermia must attach enough importance to this disease. 
4. Asthenospermia can influence the spermatogenic function of testicles, and even cause testicular atrophy.
The preventions of asthenospermia
1.Try not to use chemical agents for these substances will affect the sexual functiuon of males. It’s beneficial to eat natural food. 
2.If noticed the testicle has some abnormal changes, such as swelling, the change in the hardness, irregularity in shape, pain, it’s essential to get a timely treatment. 
3.Avoid long-term masturbation. The frequent masturbation can induce the prostatic congestion and lead to nonbacterial prostatitis. Thus, the nutritional ingredients, quantity, stickiness, and pH value of semen can be severely affected, then resulting in infertility
4.Avoid eating fatty food, smoking, and drinking alcohol. The nicotine in the cigarette can have impact on the germ cells in the testicle, so that the quantity and quality of sperm will be influenced. Then the problems of infertility and deformed children will appear. As for drinking, it can cause chronic alcoholism, sperm dysplasia or weak mobility.  
5.It’s helpful for men to reasonably arrange their life and work since excessive pressure and work can have negative effects on the growth of sperm.  
6.Sperm needs to live in a environment with specific temperature, any reasons that may cause the change of the temperature will affect the sperm quality. Therefore, men should take less sauna and steam bath.     
Asthenospermia can influence men’s life in many aspects, so it’s necessary for them to take measures to prevent the disease. If one has got this disease, a reasonable diet may be beneficial for improving asthenospermia. There are many foods have properties of enhance the sperm quality, such as salmon, nuts, ginseng, angelica, leek, caviar, onion, garlic, shallot, etc. In addition to the specific foods, men with asthenospermia should also take proper medications to get rid of the disease. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill may be a great choice for this disease since it has no side effects. It has been proven that this pill has good curative effect on curing asthenospermia.