Do You Know The Causes Of Asthenospermia?

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Asthenospermia is a disease which is characterized by the reduction of sperm motility. The motility of sperm can directly affect the reproduction of human. Normally, before semen liquefaction, the movement of sperm is limited, once liquefied, it can show good motility. If the sperm motility is influenced by some factors, especially the forward progression, it will make sperm can’t move to the place where eggs exist. Thus, the possibility of fertilization will be reduced. That’s why some married men have problem of infertility. In order to avoid this disease, it’s necessary to know its causes. Here are five common causes you should know about asthenospermia.

1.Somking and drinking alcohol. Men is sensitive to the toxins in cigarette and alcohol, and the germ cell is easier to be damaged. Research showed that nicotine in cigarette can decrease the secretion of sexual hormone and kill sperm. Drinking alcohol for a long time can cause damage to germ cell and affect the production of sperm. 

2.High temperature can affect the function of testicle. For example, working in a high-temperature environment, taking warm bath, wearing tight pants all can influence the function of regulating temperature of the scrotum, and lead to infertility. Testicle is an organ that can produce sperm, if one usually takes hot water bath, especially tub bath and sauna, which can make the scrotum keep in the state of high temperature, thus, the spermatogenic function of testicle can be affected. 

3.Unclean sexual life can easily induce male genital tract infection. The infection can affect the production and transportation of sperm, thus, it will result in asthenospermia and reduce the reproductive function. Besides, the infection can also cause the change of sperm motility so that the vitality and quantity of sperm can be decreased, then lead to infertility. Moreover, excessive sexual life can also affect the sperm motility. It can be easier to cause nonbacterial prostatitis and the disease can directly affect the nutrition of semen and sperm vitality, and induce infertility finally.    
4.Improper diet. If a man’s eating habits are not reasonable, it can cause the lack of nutrition. Vitamins play important role in the male fertility. For instance, vitamin A can affecte the growth of seminiferous epithelium, vitamin B can affect the pituitary functions, vitamin C has the function of prevent the semen from solidification and keep the sperm vitality while the lack of vitamin E cause the damge of testicle. Microelements can also affect the sperm motility. If a man is short of zinc and magnesium, it will greatly affect the sperm production and vitality. 
5.The damages of medications. Modern medical research proved that many medicines can cause male infertility, such as antitumor drugs, anti-rheumatism medicine, antihypertensive drugs, hormonal drugs, sedatives and anesthetics (marijuana, heroin).
After reading what mentioned above, you may know that it’s significant to pay attention to the living habits if you want to avoid asthenospermia. Therefore, you need to smoke and drink alcohol less, stay away from high-temperature environment as far as possible, keep a clean and moderate sexual life, develop a healthy eating habit, and avoid take medications blindly. 
However, if you have got asthenospermia, you need to obey the living principles mentioned and take proper medications as well. It’s proven that herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can efficiently cure asthenospermia caused by prostatitis. It can cure the inflammation and the root of the disease. Once the prostatitis is radically cured, the sperm motility will return to normal. Therefore, the reproductive function will recover.