One of The Enemies Of Causing Male Infertility: Necrospermia

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As the pace of life becoming faster and faster, many people may find that the mental pressure and living burden have become heavier and heavier. It results in not having enough time to pay attention to their physical health. For instance, some married men have difficulty in having a child because of necrospermia. It’s a problem that hard to say out but it really affects man’s fertility. Therefore, it’s important to know the causes and find a proper treatment to solve this annoying problem. 
Causes of necrospermia
1.The survival of sperm needs varieties of nutrition just like human. Take fructose for an example, fructose is an essential substance to guarantee the vitality and ability of sperm. If there is inflammation in the deferent ducts, it will reduce the content of fructose in the semen so that the number of sperm will be decreased. 
2.Generally speaking, the survival of sperm needs a suitable environment. If the PH of semen changes, it will lead to the death of sperm. The normal PH of semen is 7.2-8.0 while PH of men with necrospermia is lower than this range. The change of the PH may be caused by the inflammation of reproductive organs. 
3.As we know that animals and plants all need to breathe, and so does sperm. But some of the bacteria that lead to the inflammation will consume the oxygen in the blood so that the sperm will lack of oxygen and lead to the reduction.
4.Zinc is one of an important elements to ensure the vitality of sperm. However, patients with prostatitis usually don’t have enough zinc, the content of this essential element is lower than the normal range. If there is lack of zinc in the semen, it will influence the metabolism and ability of sperm, and it can also damage the prostate tissue. As the semen contains one third of prostate fluid, it can lead to the semen non-liquefaction and then decrease the vitality of sperm. So it’s vital to have a timely treatment to cure the prostatitis. 
5.Other causes like high temperature and radioactive rays can also lead to the high mortality of sperm. Sperm prefers an environment that is in a low temperature, that’s why the temperature of testicle is 3 to 4 ℃ lower than human body. Only under this situation, will the sperm be normal. Otherwise, it will be harmful to the growth of sperm and lead to the decrease of sperm vitality. 
Food that are beneficial for men with necrospermia
1.Arginine is one of the important element of sperm, and it can improve the movement of sperm. Food that are rich in arginine: sea cucumber, eel, loach, cuttlefish, sesame seed, gingko, tofu skin, frozen bean curd, peanut, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, etc.
2.As we mentioned above, zinc plays an important role in the survival of aperm,so it’s necessary for necrospermia patients to eat food that are abundant in zinc. Eating more food like oysters, prawns, clams, shellfish, animal liver, walnut meat, milk, beans, bran and lotus seed are helpful to take in enough zinc.
3.Calcium plays an important role in the movement of sperm, maintaining the hyaluronidase activity and the process of fertilization. If the body is lack of calcium, the movement of sperm will be slow and the activity of acrosome protease of sperm will reduce. So men can take in more food that are rich in calcium, such as milk, bean products, sparerib soup, seaweed, dried small shrimps, wakame, lily flower, xianggu mushroom, mustard, coriander, sweet almond, raisin, etc.
4.As we know that fructose also has relation to the vitality of sperm. Fructose is abundant in honey and varieties of fruits like pears, apples, grapes, pineapples, and oranges. 
Since you know the causes of necrospermia and the food that are beneficial for curing this disease, you can eat the food above to improve the survival rate of sperm. If your necrospermia is caused by inflammation of reproductive organs like prostatitis, the food therapies may not be so efficient, so you need to take medication treatment. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be considered since it’s natural and has no side effects to the body. You also should attach importance to your living habits, such as stay away from the places or things that have radioactive rays and avoid taking hot bath.