If You Want To Cure Necrospermia Completely, You Can Pay Attention To The Foods You Eat

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Necrospermia refers to the sperm mortality that is over 40%. It’s a common disease in males which can lead to the occurrence of infertility. Many males with this disease complain that their mental state are not so good and there is a huge burden on his mind. It seriously affect their normal life and can even influence the harmony of their family. Researches showed that some food can help to cure necrospermia. The foods introduced below are beneficial for males with this disease.
1. Bean sprout
The biggest value of bean sprout is its sprout. Both soybean and mung bean can produce multivitamins during germination. And these vitamins can eliminate the teratogenic substances in the body and promote the production of sexual hormones.   It can enhance the vitality of the sperm and improve the sexual desire.  
2. Leek
Leek is abundant in nutrients such as volatile oil, sulfide, protein, cellulose. These substances  are beneficial for the spleen and can fix the vitality of sperm. Its crude fiber can help those smoking drinkers to excrete toxins in the body.  
3. Animal blood
Experts pointed that animals such as pigs, duck, chicken and goose, the blood proteins in their blood can be decomposed by gastric juices and react with the smoke that invade the body to promote the phagocytosis of scavenger lymphocytes.   
4. Foods that contain nucleic acid
Nucleic acid is the core material of dominating the life activities. It’s not only the basis of protein synthesis, but also can provide genetic information. It plays a very pivotal role in the major life activities such as human growth, development, reproduction and heredity. Foods that are rich in nucleic acid including beef, animal liver and kidney, shrimp, oyster, mushrooms, nuts, etc. 
5.Foods that contains lysine
Lysine is the essential element of the formation of sperm. Eel, loach, squid, yam, skin of soya-bean milk are abundant in lysine. The increasing intake of lysine can help to improve the survival rate of sperm.    
6.Foods that contain vitamin E 
Vitamin E is beneficial for promoting the formation and activity of sperm. It’s mainly exist in the egg yolk, beans, peanuts, and vegetable oil.  
7. Marine products   
Most of males smoke a lot. In fact, The nicotine in cigarettes can do harm to the  sperm and reduce the quantity of sperm in seminal fluid to increase the ratio of abnormal sperm. Marine products contain varieties of unsaturated acid which can block the body's response to cigarette and enhance the immunity so that it can protect males from the damage of nicotine. 
8.Foods that contain zinc elements
Microelement zinc is known as “ the element of couples’ harmony”. If a men is lack of zinc, it can cause decreased libido and sexual function. The quantity of sperm can reduce 30%~40%, and even lead to infertility. Zinc is mainly contained in seafood and animal innards. 
The foods above are advantageous for improving the vitality of sperm. If you have necrospermia, you can try these foods to cure the disease. However, if the foods can’t improve your condition, maybe you should get medication treatment. Males with necrospermia caused by orchitis, epididymitis, prostatitis can be cured by  Traditional Chinese Medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. The pill contains herbs which has the properties of clearing away heat and toxins, promoting the circulation of blood and Qi. It can eliminate the inflammation and cure the disease from its root. After take this pill, males can get rid of necrospermia and the possibility of having a healthy baby can be increased.