8 ways to relieve the pain caused by orchitis

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Orchitis is diagnosed through a physical exam, which may show enlargement or tenderness of the prostate gland, the lymph nodes in the groin region, and the testicle in the affected side. Other tests for orchitis diagnosis may include a complete blood count, testicular ultrasound, urinalysis, screening for sexually transmitted diseases and urine culture.
Home remedies for orchitis have been found very effective in the treatment of this disorder that is marked by the swelling in one or both of the testicles. Proper medical treatment along with the right kind of home care will help in relieving the symptoms of orchitis. Pain and inflammation can be eased with the help of over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications. The discomfort can be relieved by below 8 home remedies.
Stay in bed as much as possible and elevate the scrotum. A cold compress on the area will help to relieve pain. Once the inflammation has started to reduce, the length of time the compress is in place for can be decreased.
Safe sex
Practice safe sex by always wearing a condom. The patient may be too sore even to consider having sex; safe sex will prevent the condition form being spread.
Handy Herbs
Echinacea and cocaine leaf are said to be good for orchitis. Both of these herbs can be drunk as teas to reduce pain and inflammation. They have anti-bacterial properties to help with this.
Balanced Diet
It is essential that the patient consumes a healthy, balanced diet so that the immune system remains strong. Foods high in Vitamins, such as fruit and vegetables should be eaten every day. 
Wash regularly and properly with a mild, unscented soap. This will remove bacteria from the area and relieve irritation. Also, use a product for sensitive skin to wash all your underwear. Some detergents can be strong and irritating.
Dandelion Power
By consuming dandelion, either in tea form or by using the leaves in salads will help to relieve pressure on the testicles.
Mumps vaccine
Being correctly inoculated against mumps will keep certain types of orchitis away and reduce the chances of contracting the condition.
Avoid Heavy Stuff
Refrain from lifting heavy items as this will encourage lead to the condition to last longer and may cause more pain.
However, these home remedies could only relieve the pain, but could not cure orchitis completely. To cure orchitis from the root, you should take some useful medicines - diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. It also has the function that every TCM pill has - improving immunity and self-healing ability. So the improved immune system can prevent invasions of bacteria and other bad materials, and the improved self -healing ability can shorten the healing time and release pain.