Can epididymitis affect the quality of sperm?

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What is epididymitis?
Epididymitis is a common disease in male. If a man’s body resistance is poor, colon bacillus, staphylococcus and streptococcus will enter into the man’s sperm duct so that epididymitis exists. Generally speaking, epididymitis can be divided into two types: one is acute epididymitis; the other is chronic epididymitis. Acute epididymitis occurs because prostatitis and vesiculitis spread to epididymis by sperm duct. 
How does epididymitis affect sperm?
Some medical experts think that sperm can be affected by epididymitis mainly on the following three aspects.
Firstly, epididymitis may intercept sperm’s passageway. If epididymitis is caused by pathogen infection, it will not only result in inflammation to damage sperm, but it will cause the narrowing or even blockage of epididymal lumen easily. In such a case, the connection of epididymis’ tail and sperm duct will become incompletely or completely obstruent. Therefore, sperm is blocked in epididymis duct and then sperm has to die there. As a result, low sperm counts and azoospermatism may exist.
Secondly, the motility of sperm will drop because of epididymitis. As for the epididymis infected by pathogen, some pathogen may do harm to sperm in duct of epididymis directly so that the motility of sperm will be inhibited; other pathogen may adsorb on the surface of sperm to reduce the motility of sperm. Also, the toxin coming from pathogen kills some weak sperm, which leads to high mortality of sperm.
Thirdly, epididymitis makes sperm get trapped. Some medical expert has ever pointed out that epididymitis becomes an important reason of forming antisperm antibody into male’s body. When epididymitis occurs, the body defensive system will take action at once and immunological cells in the body will enter into inflamed duct of epididymis to eradicate pathogens. At the same time, the immunological cells’ identification ability to autologous tissue drops obviously and such cells can cause immune response with antigenic substance existing on the surface of sperm or in seminal plasma. Then the antisperm antibody will form. Once antisperm antibody exists, sperm will be trapped and its motility drops quickly.
A good choice for curing epididymitis: diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill
Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill helps to clear away infections absolutely by working directly into reproductive system and urinary system. It contributes to kill many kinds of pathogens so it is beneficial for epididymitis patients to get recovery gradually. Also, one essential advantage of this pill is that it helps to improve male’s immune system, which means no need for men to worry about their epididymitis caused by their weak immune system. What’s more, such a pill is completely made of natural herbs so it cannot bring any side effects to patients.