4 Standard Methods of Treating Prostatitis

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Among some common prostate diseases, the most commonly heard should be prostatitis. Especially in recent years, the incidence of this disease has been increasing, posing a significant threat to men’ s physical health. So be sure to pay attention to this disease.

But how should the treatment be carried out after the disease? Next, let's look at the four common ways to treat prostatitis.
1. Treatment with antibiotics
This treatment for bacterial prostatitis can have an apparent therapeutic effect. After taking antibiotics, the symptoms will have a specific relief. However, prostatitis may be repeated occur after some patients stop the drug, which is also the drawback of this treatment. Patients should pay more attention to this aspect because this may cause the disease cannot be cured entirely, which is easy to burden the liver and kidney areas.
2. Treatment with herbal medicine
Herbal medicine is also commonly used for treatment. In general, western drugs may be challenging to penetrate prostate tissue and the gland's ducts, which may prevent them from working as intended. If it is used for a long time, the side effects on the human body are also relatively large and may damage the liver and kidneys of patients. 
In comparison, the therapeutic effect of herbal medicine is relatively good, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can penetrate better into the prostate tissue, directly inhibiting or killing pathogenic microorganisms. It can clear heat, detoxify, and activate blood stasis, which has a therapeutic effect on prostatitis. Its side effects are also minimal. What's more, long-term use does not create drug resistance. And it can also improve the body's ability to resist bacteria and viruses, reducing the probability of recurrence.
3. Surgery
Surgery is also the treatment that many patients may take at present. However, this method is hazardous and complicated, and the trauma caused is relatively significant. If the surgery is unsuccessful, it may cause male dysfunction and sequelae such as urinary incontinence.
4. Physical therapy
This method is currently used by many patients. Sound, light, electricity, heat, water, and other physical factors act on the patient's tissues, organs, pathogenic cells, and other parts. This can play a particular role in regulating the human body's resistance. It can play a specific role in promoting the nourishment of local tissues and can effectively promote the patient's blood circulation and reduce the inflammation of the patient's body.
The above are several more effective treatments that can be taken for prostatitis. Hopefully, patients will find this article helpful to them. Prostatitis will cause great harm to the patient's body and seriously affect family life, so you must pay more attention to it and treat it in time.
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