These Bad Habits Make Men More Likely To Get Prostatitis

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Prostate gland is a unique organ in men, which plays an important role in male urogenital system. If the prostate goes wrong, it will deeply affect man's life and work, even causing inferiority and being self-loathing.
Prostatitis is a common urological disease in men, especially for patients who are middle-aged and elderly. According to the patient's statement, there are always a large number of commonalities among them. It's their living habits and personal behaviors that make trouble. Therefore, if you have these following bad habits, you are more likely to get prostatitis.
1. Men who have the habit of holding back urine
You may often have a full bladder to hold due to your busy tasks, which is a painful process and will lead to bad results. Urination is detoxification to some extent. If those harmful materials in the urine are left in your body for too long, they are more likely to go back to other urinary organs and cause inflammation. Your bladder, urethra and kidney may be at high risk of getting sick if you never urinate in time. 
2. Men who often sit for too long
You should know that being sedentary can limit blood circulation in the prostate gland and cause a prostatic congestion. In a hot weather, sitting for too long can make the temperature around your prostate raised. And it's easy to produce bacteria in an airless condition. The longer you sit, the greater the harm. So if you are working in the office every day, you should avoid being sedentary.
3. Men with excessive sexual life
Men with excessive sexual life have a high incidence of prostatitis. Having too much sex can make man's genital congestive, in which bacteria and germs can easily invade man's urogenital system, thus resulting in prostatitis. In addition, many couples may pay less attention to their personal hygiene, which will make their sex life unsafe and cause damage to both men and women.
4. Men who have bad eating habits
Drinking, smoking and eating stimulating food are always inevitable in parties, and many male friends take these things for granted. Even though you know these are bad habits, you merely can not refuse them. However, for the sake of your health, you should get rid of them as soon as possible. Having a healthy diet is necessary. You should eat fruits and vegetables, and drink more hot water.
5. Men who lack exercise
Being lazy and never moving around may lead to obesity and low immunity. You should know that invisible bacteria and germs are always around us. Physical immunity is like an army that protects the country all the time. If your internal warriors are sick, you are easily invaded by those external enemies. Doing more exercise in your spare time is beneficial to your health.
Bad habits can lead to awful results. If you have prostatitis, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a wise option. It adheres to the characteristics of holistic treatment and can effectively eliminate painful symptoms. Therefore, follow the right treatment and develop good habits, you will eventually get better.

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