Six Major Signs of Prostatitis, How to Self-Examine

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Pre-Prostatitis symptoms are relatively mild and tends to be neglected by people. It is mainly caused by urinary tract irritation and lower abdominal pain and dysuria.  If the patient misses the best period of treatment, not only it will bring great inconvenience to the treatment, but also it will bury the bane of recurrence, leading to the gradual deepening of the lesion inflammation and even the emergence of concurrent infection.
1, urinary tract irritation symptoms:
This is caused by inflammation or Cystitis in the trigone of the bladder when the prostate is inflamed.  It is characterized by a burning tingling sensation in the urethra, and frequent urination and urgency. The violent contraction of the bladder neck at the end of urination can cause pain.
2, urinary incontinence:
When the sphincter loses control, the urine involuntarily flows out of the body called urinary incontinence. Unlike other urinary incontinences, this patient still has a large amount of residual urine in the bladder besides urinary incontinence.
3, urinary weakness:
This is also caused by the loss of compensatory capacity of the bladder detrusor when the prostate is sick.  When urinating, the urine cannot be discharged immediately, and it is necessary to wait for a period of time to gradually exhaust the urine.  It can also be expressed as prolonged urination time, shorter range, and thinner urinary line.

4, urinary drip is not clear:
This is caused by the compression of the bladder neck and the prostatic urethra, resulting in increased urination resistance.  During the urination process or at the end of urination, the urine can not be continuously formed into a line, and sometimes the force is used to increase the abdominal pressure, and the urine can not flow into a line.
5, perineum pain:
The perineal discomfort, heavy, bulging, can also be stinging or severe pain.  The pain can be radiated to the lower back, the penis, the suprapubic area, and the inner thigh.  Pain during excretion can aggravate or cause pain in the rectum, which is mainly caused by prostatitis when stimulating the pelvic cavity nerve.
6, dripping of urethral orifice:
More common in the inflammation of the prostate disease.  There is a small amount of white discharge from the urethra.  Sometimes the urethral opening is found to be stuck by white secretions in the morning.  Sometimes white secretions will drip out in the urethra before and after urination or when the stool is forced.
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