Self-diagnosis Of Chronic Cystitis

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As we know that chronic diseases are intractable to be cured completely and the treating courses usually last for months or even years. Patients have to live with the troublesome symptoms for a long period. These symptoms can affect patients both physically and mentally. Chronic cystitis is one of the chronic diseases which can bring many discomfort to patients. It’s important to have a early treatment if diagnosed with this disease. Here I will introduce the self-diagnosis of chronic cystitis so that patients can distinguish the disease themselves and attach importance to the symptoms.  
The symptoms are the basis of self-diagnosis 
Patients with chronic cystitis can suffer from a series of symptoms, here are the common symptoms you can know as reference: 
1.Urinary frequency and urgency
2.Painful urination.
3.Cloudy and purulent urine.
4.Lacking in strength for a long time.
5.Pain or discomfort in waist, abdomen, bladder and perineum. 
It’s essential to pay attention to the abnormal phenomena of your body. If you notice the signs and symptoms mentioned above, you need to go to a hospital and get  diagnosed timely. If left untreated, it can cause the fibrosis of bladder so that the bladder capacity will reduce. The reduction of bladder capacity can lead to renal edema and inflammation of the kidney. Besides, the disease can also cause blood in urine and increase the probability of bladder cancer.  
In order to avoid the damages of chronic cystitis, it's necessary for patients to attach enough importance to the treatment of the disease. Though antibiotic are widely used to cure it, the long-term antibiotics will bring side effects and drug resistance to patients. Therefore, patients with chronic cystitis should find a treatment with less side effects. Recently, a new herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is used to treat this stubborn disease. It’s invented by herbalist Dr. Lee Xiaoping, who has nearly 30 years of experiences on curing male and female urogenital system diseases. It has successfully cured many sufferers with chronic cystitis. It’s a worth-trying medicine.