7 Damages Of UTI Threaten Men’s Health

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In our daily life, many males infect with UTI (urinary tract infection) because of paying no attention to their personal hygiene. Though it’s the most common urinary system disease, it can severely affect men’s health. It’s essential to take a timely treatment before the condition worsen since the disease is not so simple as imagined. If left untreated, the damages will be heavy. Here are 7 damages of UTI that may threaten men’s health.   

Damages of UTI.
1.It can induce urogenital infections, such as orchitis, epididymitis, seminal vesiculitis, urethritis, etc. 
2.It can cause male infertility. The inflammation can influence the production and transportation of sperm. It can also lead to the reduction of sperm vitality and high rate of deformity. The orchitis caused by uti can even induce testicular atrophy and lead to oligospermia or vas deferens obstruction. Thus, it can cause azoospermia and then lead to male infertility.  
3.It can cause sexual dysfunction. Male urinary tract infection can affect the normal functions of urinary tract, gonads, accessory gonads and external genitals by a different degree. The quality of sexual life can also be influenced so that the libido will be decreased and the sexual dysfunction will occur. 
4.If left untreated, patients’ immunity can be decreased. The reduction of immunity can increase mental pressure to patients and induce other diseases. 
5.It can induce other diseases. Men with urethritis can accompany by orchitis, epididymitis, prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, epididymal nodules, vas deferens obstruction, reduction of sperm quality and quantity, impotence, premature ejaculation, etc. 
6.It can lead to urethral stricture and obstruction of ejaculation. The infection can affect the urethral epithelium directly and cause the formation of scar. If this condition is severe, it can lead to urethral stricture so that the normal urination can be affected. The urethral stricture can also cause the obstruction of ejaculation. 
7.The repeatedly urethritis can do harm to the normal life. Because urethritis has high recurrent rate, it can not only affect patients’ physical health, but also can bring mental damage to them.     
Since you have known the damages of UTI, you may have realized the importance of getting a timely treatment of the disease. Otherwise, further damages may be caused to your body. It can increase the difficulty in treating it radically. 

Though antibiotics are widely used for treating UTI, it’s necessary to take its drug resistance and side effects into consideration. If the side effects come out and can no longer take effect, it’s important to change the treatment. A natural medication called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has proven to have good curative effect on curing UTI. Because of its herbal formula, it has no side effects so patients can be at ease during the treatment. Therefore, if you condition lasts for a long time and has no obvious improvement, you can take this pill as an alternative treatment.