Does Prostatitis Cause Blood In Semen?

Date:2018-11-30 click:0
Prostatitis can cause many changes in the body of men, such as urinary irritation, perineal pain, backache, chills, insomnia and other symptoms. Prostatitis is warning you, but do you know? Prostatitis can also cause changes in semen, such as causing Blood In Semen.
This is mainly caused by the congestion of glandular tissue of the prostatic fluid and the tube for excreting the prostatic fluid when the prostate is inflamed. When the congestion is severe, the blood seeps out from the capillaries and enters the prostatic fluid. This is the source of blood in semen. 
When blood sperm occurs, don't be too nervous. Early detection and early treatment is the key. Hemospermia is mostly a benign and self-limiting disease, only need to be treated conservatively, except for refractory type.  Conservative treatment can achieve a certain therapeutic effect by taking drugs.
Some people will choose chemical medicine to treat it, and feel that it works quickly. However, chemical medicine also has certain drawbacks, especially when it comes to long-course and chronic disease such as Hemospermia. This type of disease requires a relatively long treatment time and a relatively long medication time. And taking chemical medicine for a long time may cause the body to develop drug resistance, meanwhile chemical medicine can cause certain side effects when taken for a long time. If patients with these concerns can try natural herbal medicine,such as Diuretic and Anti-Inflammatory Pill, they won't have to worry about the mentioned problems.
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pill is a secondary compatibility on the basis of ancient recipes. Its formula has been approved by the national patent, and its stability is no side effect. It is used to treat male issues such as Prostatitis, Seminal Vesicle, Hemospermia, and can achieve a good effect, although the progressing process is relatively slower, but fortunately, the composition is mild and safe, and patients who want to treat these diseases with natural ramedy can have a try.