Will Prostatitis cause lower abdominal pain?

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Men with lower abdominal pain indicate that men may have a disease. Among them, prostatitis is one of the diseases that can cause symptoms of lower abdomen, and it is also one of the diseases with high male incidence.  
Middle-aged male is prostatitis-incidence people, if suffering from prostatitis and not treated in time, it can lead to Seminal vesicle, Epididymitis, Urethritis. The patient should be treated according to their own conditions, then, will prostatitis cause lower abdominal pain? Let me give you a detailed introduction.
Prostatitis causes men's lower abdomen pain, mainly due to prostatic inflammation, which can cause swelling and irritation of the prostate. The patient feels pain, but it is impossible to judge whether there is prostatitis by simple abdominal pain.
When the patient has frequent urination, Urinary pain, urgency, hematuria symptoms, you need to go to a regular professional hospital for examination, to diagnose your own disease.
When the diagnosis results in prostatitis, patients should worry about the spread of inflammation. Prostatitis treatment can also induce more inflammation in men, and even cause male infertility. Patients need timely treatment. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can not only effectively cure the disease, but also it regulates the male body, which has a good influence on male reproductive ability.
In order to help more male patients to stay away from prostatitis, it is recommended that male friends do not sit for a long time, especially for men with special occupations, such as taxi drivers, long-distance truck drivers, office white-collar workers, etc., in order to exercise properly in the daily work. In addition, there should be no panic prostatitis, experts recommend taking pure herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory PillIs can be safe and effective, while it is nourishing the liver and kidney at the same time, allowing men to regain vitality and vigor.