What You Need To Know About Factors That Can Cause Blood In Semen

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It’s known to all that semen plays an important role in male reproductive function.  Semen is normally a whitish-gray color. It's usually quite thick after ejaculation, but liquefies within 30 minutes. If the time of abstinence is too long without ejaculation, semen will be yellow.

It’s abnormal if semen is quite thin after ejaculation since it indicates that the number of sperm is not too much. Some males can also find blood in semen, it’s a signal of getting infected.    

Factors that can cause blood in semen. 

1. When ejaculating, seminal vesicle will have strong spasmodic contraction, the pressure in seminal vesicle will increase suddenly at the same time. After the ejaculation, contractive seminal vesicle turns into relaxation.

The change of the pressure can easily change the permeability of seminal vesicle wall capillaries and let the red blood cells permeate to the semen, thus, there will be red blood cells in semen after ejaculation.   
2. Between the period of two ejaculation, seminal vesicle will secrete fluid to make a balance. If the sexual life is not frequent, the secretion will continuously increase and then  the pressure in seminal vesicle will rise.

After ejaculation, the pressure releases suddenly , it’s easy to make the capillaries break, thus, resulting in blood in semen.  
3. Males with allergic physique will have this phenomenon. The activity of enzymes in semen will increase so that the capillary vessel wall in seminal vesicle wall will be damaged, therefore, semen can be incarnadined. 
4. Blood in semen is the most common phenomenon when infected by seminal vesiculitis. Since seminal vesicle can store semen, if there’s inflammation, the blood vessel will be congestive and then break along with blood.

When ejaculating, the blood will discharge with the semen. This phenomenon can be called hemospermia
5. If testicle or seminal vesicle is swelling, the blood will be seen in semen.  
6. Prostatitis is also a disease which can lead to blood in semen. 
7. If seminal vesicle is invaded by mycobacterium tuberculosis, it’s very likely to find blood in semen. It usually occurs with tuberculosis of epididymis and prostate.  
The color of semen is a standard to judge whether the body is being infected by disease, so once noticed the semen color is abnormal, it’s essential to see a doctor and get diagnosed since the quality of semen can affect the fertility.

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