Don’t Ignore The Phenomenon Of Blood In Semen, It May Affect The Fertility

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Blood in semen, also can be called hemospermia, is an abnormal phenomenon in men. This indicates that the sperm quality is being affected. Men who notice this symptom are usually anxious and worried, and don’t know how to deal with it. The hesitation to the disease may miss the best time to cure it radically. As we know that the sperm quality decides the fertility, if left it untreated or not treated timely, this phenomenon may lead to infertility in men. In order to avoid the damage to male reproductive system, it’s important to know the causes of blood in semen. 
Common causes of blood in semen
1.The infections of the urethra, known as urethritis. The urethra plays an important role in carrying urine and semen to the outside of the body. 
2.If the prostate gland is infected, the inflammation is called prostatitis. Prostatitis may be acute, chronic or nonbacterial.  
3.The inflammation of the seminal vesicles. The secretion of seminal vesicles is an important ingredient of semen, if they are infected, the quality of semen can be influenced and cause the blood in semen.  
4.The urethral strictures can cause the blood in semen if there is a trauma or a previous infection.
5.Sexual habits may be a cause of this condition, such as prolonged abstinence, lack of sex, or excessive sex.  
6.Tumours or cancer can also lead to blood in semen, but this condition is rare. The cancer may be in the urethra, prostate, or seminal vesicles.
Treatments of blood in semen
1.If the condition is caused by infection like prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, urethritis, patients will be prescribed antibiotics for a short time. The treatment can be efficient and quick. However, patients should also not ignore the side effects of antibiotins, such as stomach upsets, headaches, or allergic reactions.  
2.There is a new treatment called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can cope with this condition. The pill is natural and has no side effects. The herbs in the pill can dissolve the blood stasis, promote the circulation of blood and qi. Thus, the inflammation can be eliminated completely and then the color of semen can turn to normal. The course of this treatment is longer than antibiotics, it usually takes 3 months to permanently cure the infection. 
3.Patients with cancer or urethral strictures may need to have a surgery. Though the medical apparatus and equipments are usually strictly sterilized during the surgery, it’s still hard to avoid the risks such as bleeding, infection, and other complications. So if it’s not necessary, it’s better to choose medications instead of surgery. 
Once noticed the phenomenon of blood in semen, it’s essential to find out the cause first. The curative effect will be better if the treatment is directed at the cause. So, no matter what treatment you choose to improve the condition, you shouldn’t cure it blindly without having an examination. What’s more, the treatment need to be timely and radically.