Can seminal vesicle inflammation be cured permanently?

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Once a man has  infection or inflammation in the seminal vesicles, he is a seminal vesiculitis victim. Commonly, this condition can bring lots of seminal vesiculitis symptoms to men, including blood in semen, painful urination, burning with urination, urgent urination, frequent urination, pain in the lower abdominal area, fever and chill. What’s more, this condition can affect the quality of sperm, bringing infertility to men. Therefore, treatment for seminal vesiculitis is inevitable.

However, with the development of modern medicine, lots of treatments can be used to cure the seminal vesiculitis and the effects are various from people to people, so can the seminal vesiculitis are cured permanently? How to choose the right treatment?Generally speaking, treatment of seminal vesiculitis is often the same with prostatitis treatment. Therefore, Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs are often prescribed for treating this disease.
Men with drug resistance or having function problems on liver and kidney cannot take the antibiotic therapy as a treatment. As is known to all, the drug resistance, which can prolong the treating course and affect the treating effect, and damages on liver and kidney, which can bring severer problems to patients; are side effects of antibiotics. Therefore, antibiotixc therapy unsuits for these men who are mentioned above, even though the effect of antibiotic therapy is marvelous. 
The anti-inflammatory therapy is another treatment that can be used to cure seminal vesiculitis. However, it can be classified into two types, herbal medicine and western medicine. 
The western anti-inflammatory drugs, just like the antibiotics, also have the same side effects. So the choosing principle of the anti-inflammatory drugs is as same as the antibiotic therapy. Herbal anti-inflammatory drugs are much safer than western anti-inflammatory drugs, because all of the ingredients of herbal medicine are from nature. Moreover, they can even be taken as food. 
Take the herbal medicine - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for example. All of the herbs of this herbal pill are from nature. Therefore, it has no drug resistance and also won’t bring damage to patients. Since every herb has its own functions, by combining more than 50 herbs into together, this herbal medicine can promote blood circulation, improve Qi, clear toxic materials, and dissipate hard lumps and so on. Furthermore, this herbal pill can also enhance the self-healing ability and immunity of patient. Therefore, the recurrence rate is so low that can be ignored. Sufferers who cannot take antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs can take herbal medicine as a permanent cure.