What are the causes of hemospermia and how to treat it

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Hemospermia is very common seem in men of all ages. It is a phenomenon that we can see blood in the ejaculated semen. Under normal circumstances, semen is milk-white, off-white or faint yellow. But patients with hemospermia would have semen mixed with blood and presenting pink. Observing under the microscope, we can find red blood cells in semen. 


Hemospermia is very hazardous to people. Firstly, it can kill sperms. Because of the existing of inflammation, there would be a lot of white blood cells in the seminal vesicle, which block the flowing of semen and induce the death of sperms. Secondly, some men are so anxious about it that they loss their self-confidence. It would influence the male sexual function. At last, hemospermia can also induce infertility, because the structure of sexual organs inducing hemospermia is very complicated, if they are blocked, the inflammation would turn into chronic disease. And then, it would induce the secondary blockage of seminiferous duct, inducing that the semen can't be ejaculated out of body. 
If a man has hemospermia, he would always be very panic. So we should know what are the causes of hemospermia? Hemospermia is most commonly brought about by diseases in seminal vesicle and prostate. Seminal vesiculitis is a common reason inducing hemospermia. Seminal vesicle is located above the prostate, between bladder and rectum. In the seminal vesicle lining, there is a layer of tiny vasoganglion, which contains many capillaries. Once the seminal vesicle is inflamed, the seminal vesicle lining would be congesting and swelling. The capillaries are more easily to burst, causing bleeding. Sometimes, it would be accompanied with pain in the lower abdomen after ejaculation, and frequent urination, urgent urination and painful urination. Some of the symptoms are similar to the symptoms of prostatitis. In additional, cysts of ejaculatory duct and seminal vesicle can also induce hemospermia. So if we have hemospermia, we should find out the causes of that first. 
If your hemospermia is induced by inflammations, no matter it is prostatitis or seminal vesiculitis, we suggest you to use traditional Chinese medicine: diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill to treat it. TCM treatment of hemospermia has a strong overall concept: from the patients to consider the characteristics of the body, not just limited to the lesion itself.