Five pitfalls when treating seminal vesiculitis

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Seminal vesiculitis which has the mainly symptoms like hematospermia and paruria is one of the most common male diseases. Many seminal vesiculitis patients complain that the disease is refractory and easy to recur. Actually, many suffers are easy to trap into some pitfalls in the process of seminal vesiculitis treatment. As a result, their disease which is delayed and growing complicated is hard to be cured. There, Wuhan herbalist Dr. Lee will explain five pitfalls which are easy to occur in the process of seminal vesiculitis treatment.


The seminal vesiculitis goes without timely treatment when the patients suffer it


It is the mainly reason why the diseases cannot be cured rapidly and effectively. If the patients get seminal vesiculitis in the beginning, they are likely to fell asymptomatic, only has the symptoms like abnormal micturition. The symptoms are not severe; the patients do not pay more attention to the disease and have timely treatment in hospital. Therefore, the best treatment period is missed and the difficulty of the disease is increased. 


Abuse the anti-inflammatory drugs


Most suffers will buy some anti-inflammatory drugs casually when they appear some symptoms like hematospermia or frequency, urgency and pain urination. Actually, it is a really wrong behavior. Seminal vesiculitis is most caused by inflammation, but the patients should follow the doctors'advice to choose which anti-inflammatory drugs should be taken. Furthermore, patients are resistant to the drugs if they take it for long-term. Therefore, if they suffer seminal vesiculitis, they had better to take some examinations in hospital, or they can choose the herbal pill - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill which has the functions of diminishing inflammation and is safe and has no drug resistance.


The patients are prone to stop taking medicine when the symptoms disappear


Plenty of patients would do this as they think their disease is cured. Even they take the herbal pill Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill; they should go to hospital to check whether their disease is cured. What's more, it is better to take one more course to consolidate curative effect even if all the symptoms are disappeared. 


Can not stick with treatment


Especially for the chronic seminal vesiculitis patients, they may give up treatment after taking 1-2 months medicine without reducing symptoms. Even, they may hold the views that the medicines have no effect or the doctor has no ability, and they choose to discontinue the therapy. The treatment of seminal vesiculitis has a period of time. Suffers should take the treatment persistently and not be overhasty. 


The patients do not combine living habits with the medicine treatment simultaneously


Medicine treatment is really important to cure the seminal vesiculitis. However, they do not pay attention to their habits and diets when they take the therapy. As a result, the disease becomes stubborn and is easy to recur. They should follow the advice such as take notice of the sanitation, sex Prohibition, and avoid stimulating food. 


In summary, Dr. Lee says that the five pitfalls should be attended when the patients treat the seminal vesiculitis. If they do not follow, it will increase the patients'suffering when they take inappropriate treatment. It is fundamental to cure seminal vesiculitis when they follow doctors'advice and have the treatment adherence.