Why is Your Prostatitis More Serious with Treatment?

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Prostatitis is already the number one killer weapon affecting men. Many men suffer from prostatitis and feel helpless with this disease. Although they take a lot of medicine and saw numerous doctors, the results are still unsatisfactory. Experts explained that patients with prostatitis must go to an authoritative hospital for a comprehensive examination, and only in this way can they be cured with regular methods.

Why is your prostatitis more serious with treatment?
1. Blindly looking for treatment without finding the cause: Many men fail to find the core reason for their prostatitis, resulting in a long-term but still ineffective treatment. As many patients actually have not received authoritative examinations, they are not clear about the exact cause of their prostatitis, so the treatment is not targeted, resulting in a difficult and often fruitless way to seek medical treatment.
2. Insufficient understanding of the disease: many men do not pay enough attention to prostatitis and cannot strictly follow the doctor's advice to take drugs timely and continuously, and cooperatively receive other treatments. Once they feel better, they stop the treatment immediately. As a result, the infection occurs repeatedly and the treatment is delayed several times. This may even lead to the drug resistance of the bacteria, making the disease more difficult to cure.
3. Bad habits or behaviors: it goes without saying that smoking and drinking are bad habits of many men. If they do not pay attention to prevention and health care, once they have prostatitis, due to the lack of correct understanding of the disease, they will carry out nonstandard treatment and medication, making the disease-causing microorganisms, such as bacteria, resistant to the drug.
4. Irregular sexual life or too frequent sexual life: Many male patients are concerned about sexual intercourse. However, sexual impulses can cause prostate congestion, and excessive sexual life makes the prostate congestion frequency too high, which is easy to cause bacteria to flow backwards, leading to repeat infection.
5. Abuse of antibiotics: Some prostatitis is not caused by bacterial infection, which is clinically called non-bacterial prostatitis. However, if the patient does not receive treatment in an authoritative hospital and takes antibiotics indiscriminately, it is very likely to aggravate the condition, causing the condition to recur and protract.
And the prostate itself is also a problem. The lipid-like membrane of the prostate acinar epithelium acts as a barrier, preventing most antibiotics from diffusing from the plasma to the prostate acinus. As a result, the concentration of antibiotics in the acinar is not thick enough, making it impossible to kill bacteria. Moreover, the prostate is located in the deep part of the body, and its ducts and openings are very small, so the drainage of prostatic fluid is not easy, which is only discharged during ejaculation. When inflammation occurs, the prostatic fluid containing pathogens remains in the gland, which is one of the reasons why the inflammation cannot be cured for a long time.
Prostatitis is a chronic disease, and the treatment time will be relatively long, so patients must be patient. For drug selection, if there is a bacterial infection, sensitive antibiotics can be selected for treatment. For non bacterial infections, the choice of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, a traditional Chinese medicine, will be significantly better than antibiotics. Its formula contains pure plant. The drug’s ingredients are easily absorbed, will gradually infiltrate into the prostate tissue and glandular duct, fundamentally eliminate inflammation, hyperplasia and hypertrophy, and refresh the prostate fluid to normal, helping the patients completely get rid of the prostate disease.
Moreover, the reason why many patients are not cured for a long time has a lot to do with psychological factors. Therefore, it is necessary to use psychotherapy to relieve the anxiety, to help the treatment. At the same time, patients need to develop good habits: Paying attention to a light diet; no smoking or drinking; no sitting for a long time; and developing a good habit of exercising.
Warm tip: through the above introduction, I believe that you can have a better understanding of the reason why prostatitis is more serious with treatment. Therefore, during treatment and nursing, you must pay attention to the above matters to prevent greater harm.
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