Eating these foods may cause male lifelong Infertility

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I believe that in many film and television dramas, when a women can't get pregnant, her mother-in-law will complain that it is her daughter-in-law's problems. In fact, there are still many reasons for female infertility, one of them is the quality of male “seeds”. In fact, in our daily life many foods are very harmful to male sperm. Regular food may cause lifelong infertility in men. So what kind of food does this in life? Let's see what experts has to say.
1. Males who want to be father should eat less garlic: The food mentioned here that can affect men's infertility are our common-to-see garlic. In life, male eats garlic more, which has an impact on having children.  As a kind of condiment commonly found in life, garlic is indispensable when cooking. Eating garlic is helpful for body health. It can effectively help the body to kill bacteria. It is anti-virus, inhibiting bacteria and preventing cancer. Very helpful.
However, this kind of effect is not worth mentioning for the males who get prepared to be father. This is because if you eat garlic while your life get ready for pregnancy, there is no benefit to her pregnancy.  
Although garlic has a bactericidal effect, because the taste of garlic is relatively rushing, the consumption of lots of garlic causes damage to the spleen and stomach. The function of the spleen and stomach is to provide sufficient nutrition for the whole body and provide energy support for the operation of the body.  If the spleen and stomach are damaged, not only will the appetite and mental state be poor, but also the functioning of the kidneys be affected, leading to kidney damage, which will eventually lead to the damage of men's fertility.
Eating too much garlic will also affect the operation of the body's qi, causing certain damage to the body's blood, which will lead to low male sperm motility, which has a great impact on the spouse's pregnancy.  Therefore, in life, for men who get ready for fathering, you must eat less garlic.  Even if you eat garlic, don't eat raw garlic, try to cook it as much as you can.
2, Men who wants children should eat less barbecue: barbecue has been rated as "junk food" by nutritionists, because no matter what food, after baking, the nutrition in the food will be seriously damaged, that is, even if it is nutritionally rich foods, after roasting, these foods are simply to satisfy the taste buds and fill the stomach, no nutrition at all.
In addition, after the food is baked, it will produce a lot of harmful substances such as trans fatty acids and acrylamide. Not only will it cause obesity after eating, but for men, these two harmful substances will cause the sperm quality to decrease, besides, the barbecue is not easy to be digested, hard-to-digest parts form toxins in the body, affecting the excretion of kidney function, leading to an increased burden on the kidneys, which ultimately increases the risk of male infertility.
Many people like to drink beer while eating barbecue. They think that this is very enjoyable. In fact, this is tantamount to "fueling the fire" because the alcohol in the beer will paralyze the nerves, which will cause the hormones secreted in the body to be affected. Hormonal abnormalities affect fertility, so beer and barbecue have more damage to fertility!
3, Father-want-to-be men should not smoke: we all know that smoking is harmful to health, because regular smoking will increase the risk of Lung cancer, so cigarettes have also been listed as carcinogens.  In addition, cigarettes contain a lot of nicotine, which is a very harmful to male fertility. Because nicotine inhibits the secretion of male hormones and affects the normal physiological functions of men, it not only destroys the physiological functions of men, but also damages men's fertility.
4, Men who want their wives to get pregnant should also improve their physical immunity, try not to take chemical medicine: the side effects of chemical medicine will affect fertility, and even hurt the kidneys, thus affecting the birth rate of babies.  Therefore, doctors suggest that for men who are infertile due to lack of sperm and weak sperm, you can take natural herbal formula such as Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill, it cure without side effects, while regulating the body function and restoring men's fertility.