Is it Effective to Take Tonics for Asthenospermia?

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Asthenospermia is a kind of male infertility disease, and if asthenospermia is not cured, it may not only cause male infertility, but affect sexual function and endocrine disorders. Men suffer from asthenospermia, which means that the quality of sperm is not good enough, which will affect normal fertility. Some men think that the treatment of male asthenospermia can be treated with tonics. 

Is it effective to take tonics for asthenospermia?
People with asthenospermia can not use tonics casually. Sperm supplementation should also be supported by scientific methods, and some random remedies should not be used. This will prevent sperm supplementation, extend the treatment time and bring serious side effects. The medication for asthenospermia should be treated reasonably and standardized under the advice of professional doctors.
Men must pay attention to the symptoms of oligospermia. Unmarried men or men who plan to have children should go to a regular male hospital for a series of infertility checks before marriage or childbirth. Once found to have asthenospermia, go to a regular hospital for treatment in time.
Do not listen to advertisements and take some tonics in order to pray for them to change the quality of married life. Indiscriminate use of tonics without a doctor's guidance may cause infertility. The reason is that these so-called tonics often contain sex hormones, which may affect the normal spermatogenesis of the testicles, so non-pregnant people should be more careful when choosing.
Common treatments for asthenospermia
1. Medication: 
For this case, a highly targeted Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be used to treat asthenospermia. This medicine can directly reach the urinary system, and then regulate the whole body, so that the reproductive function can function normally. When dealing with asthenospermia, it is mainly to improve the vitality of sperm and promote the production of sperm to achieve the therapeutic effect.
In addition to using some drugs that enhance sperm motility to treat asthenospermia, it is also necessary to find a clear cause of asthenospermia through related examinations and diagnosis. Timely remove all kinds of inducements that will affect sperm motility, which can help patient cure asthenospermia. At the same time, it can prevent the recurrence of asthenospermia and protect physical and mental health.
2. Physiotherapy: 
High-tech treatment equipment can be used to select the appropriate method for local treatment of the lesion according to the patient's specific condition. The combination of medicine and physical therapy can help promote the absorption of medicines and break through the barriers to medication.
3. Interventional minimally invasive treatment: 
If a man suffers from asthenospermia and is in a serious condition, minimally invasive surgery is required to cure the disease effectively.
4. Psychotherapy: 
At the same time, a number of auxiliary treatments are taken to provide detailed guidance on the patient's thoughts and emotions, psychology, diet, nutrition, lifestyle, timing of conception, etc. Patients can communicate with experienced senior experts  to truly relieve the heart knot and relieve mental pressure, and then the body and mind are treated at the same time.
How to avoid the deterioration of sperm quality?
1. Have a healthy eating habit, less sugar and less fat, avoid foods that use coloring agents or preservatives, and wash fruits and vegetables repeatedly before eating.
2. In daily food, patients should consume more foods that contain selenium and high zinc, which can promote sperm motility, such as dairy products, black beans, and black rice.
3. Pay attention to safety and avoid straddling injuries. Minor injuries do not mean that they have no effect on fertility. Therefore, even minor injuries should be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.
4. Quit obesity, exercise more, don't smoke, and drink less alcohol.
5. People who are unmarried and have not given birth should not use sexual health products lightly.
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