Is it Possible to Improve Sperm Quality by Holding back Ejaculation?

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Many men are very concerned about their performance during sex and are always worried that they will not be able to satisfy their partners. The most important thing one can do is find ways to improve his ability during sex and prolong the time. The fact is that this habit is terrible and can be harmful to men’s health.

What are the hazards of holding sperm without ejaculation?
1. Causing infertility. When men hold back sperm without ejaculation, the sperm will not go back to where it came from or disappear directly. But it will rush to the bladder and enter within it, and a situation called retrograde ejaculation. If you have had such behavior for a long time, it is easy to cause male infertility.
2. Leading to disease. In the process of sexual life, the male sexual organs are in a state of congestion. If the sperm is not ejaculated, this congestion state is no way to return blood quickly, causing non-bacterial prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, urinary tract infections, sexual dysfunction and other problems.
3. Affecting male sexuality. The long time to hold back sperm will make men appear impotent.
4. Leading to frequent spermatorrhea. If men often hold back semen without ejaculation, they will experience frequent spermatorrhea, accompanied by symptoms such as soreness of the waist and knees, dizziness, and insomnia. Frequent spermatorrhea is not a good phenomenon, and it will overdraw the male body and affect the work and life of men.
Holding back sperm from ejaculation does not improve sperm quality.
It takes about 3 months for sperm to mature from generation to maturity, and the mature sperm will be stored with the epididymis (70%), vas deferens (20%), and vas deferens jugular (10%). Holding sperm without ejaculation will indeed lead to an increase in the number of sperm, but with time, these sperm will gradually age and lose their vitality. The longer the abstinence, the greater the proportion of aging sperm in the semen. Then the overall sperm quality will deteriorate; the sperm quality will also decline when stimulated by the internal environment of the testes and epididymis and the external environment, temperature, and oxidative stress.
It can be seen that holding back sperm without ejaculation cannot improve sperm quality but will make it decline and eventually affect pregnancy.
Sperm quality is directly related to the chances of pregnancy and embryo quality. It shows how vital high-quality sperm is, so what do you do in the usual way to help improve sperm quality? These are the three things that will enhance sperm quality. 
1. More sunshine
An Australian study, after a survey of 800 male infertility patients, found that: about 1/3 of men lack vitamin D in the body, and supplementation of vitamin D helps improve sperm treatment and infertility. And sunlight is one of the main ways to get vitamin D, so you can usually get more sunshine.
2. Refusal of tobacco and alcohol
Some studies have shown that nicotine, carbon monoxide, cadmium and other harmful substances in the smoke can damage the number of sperm, morphology, mobility, and density, resulting in sperm malformation. If you smoke for more than 1 year, the deformation rate is more than 20%, and the longer you smoke, the more the number of deformed sperm. And long-term alcohol consumption can damage the gonads, affecting sexual function. It can also “drunk” germ cells and output some low-quality sperm. So, if you want to protect your sperm, you must avoid smoking and alcohol.
3. Away from the high-temperature environment
The sperm is sensitive to the temperature of the living environment, the best temperature is below the abdominal cavity 1 ℃, so the testicles can better produce sperm. Avoid staying in a high-temperature environment for a long time, less hot baths, less sauna, less wear too tight pants and underwear.
If you have the habit of holding back sperm without ejaculation in your daily life, don’t continue, this habit will affect men’s health and bring many adverse effects.
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