What is Chronic Orchitis?

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Chronic orchitis ia always caused by mistreatment or recurence of acute orchitis. Some are caused by mould, spirochete or parasite infection, such as syphilis of the testis. For those who have an trauma in the testis, they also risk for granulomatous orchitis. If your body was exposed in isotope-phosphorus, you risk for orchitis too because the tissue in the testis is wounded. 

In the aspect of pathology, chronic orchitis is a swelling, harden or atrophic testis, with glass-looking or degenerating lesion in the GBM of seminiferous tubule, without any epithelial cell on the seminiferous tubule. There could be induration and small hyperplasia lesion around the seminiferous tubule.
Clinical tests of chronic orchitis patients show that the testis is swelling, hard and smooth. Patients could feel a pain when the testis is touched. Some of the patients have atrophic testis, and the testis cannot be seen on patients with extremely severe orchitis, but the epididymis looks bigger. In some of the clinical cases, orchitis patients have the inflammation spreaded from their chronic epididymitis. Chronic orchitison both side possibly causes infertility. Treatment of this kind of infertility should be aiming at treating chronic orchitis.