Azoospermia Necrospermia diagnosis need Testicular Biopsy

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 Wuhan Doctor Lee introduces that testicular living tissue test is referred to testicular biopsy, which is a clinical technology with dual functions for diagnosis and treatment. 

First, get small pieces of testicular living tissue. Then, according to the testicular tissue structure and reproductive cells to understand the condition of testicular sperm formation. The test helps to identify the cause of azoospermia is pure dysfunction of producing sperm, or reproductive pipeline obstruction.
It can also diagnosis and estimate the condition of reproductive endocrine disorders and receptor distribution. It is an important method of diagnose male infertility, and has important value for diagnosis, treatment.
The purposes of testicular biopsyare:
1. Clinical examination for testicular volume, hormone levels, determination of the normal infertility patients.
2. Through the biopsy, judge the spermatogenic function for those who was diagnosed of oligospermia after semen test, and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) levels are in the normal range.
3. For oligospermia caused by varicocele, testicular biopsy used to diagnose that how varicocele affect spermatogenic function.
4. For those who want to do cryptorchidism fixation, testicular biopsy evaluate spermatogenic function, exclude the possibility of malignant transformation.
5. Testicular biopsy combined with endocrine examination can confirm testicular function of primary or secondary causes of low subordinates.
6. If angiography showed obstruction of vas deferens, testicular biopsy may assist in Detection of spermatogenic function, choose vasectomy anastomosis.
7. Evaluate hormones medical treatment before and after
8. Biopsy may assist in early diagnosis of germ cell tumor