Symptoms and causes of acute orchitis and chronic orchitis

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There are two kinds of orchitis: acute orchitis and chronic orchitis.
Symptoms of acute orchitis and chronic orchitis
1 Acute orchitis symptoms:
Coming in sudden, having fever and chill, pain in scrotum, tense skin, redness, swelling, urgent or frequent urinate, pain of touch, hardness. Hydrocele can occur with acute orchitis. 
2 Chronic orchitis symptoms:
Only local symptoms: enlarged testis, hard testis. The testis is not sticked with the skin, the spermaduct can be hard. 
Causes of acute orchitis and chronic orchitis
1 Acute nonspecific orchitis often occur as a complication or secondary disease of urethritis, cystitis, prostatitis and resection of BPH. It commonly occur on kids and young adults. It is often caused by other urinary system infection. 
2 Chronic orchitis is always caused by acute orchitis which haven't been cured for a long time. It can also be caused by mould, spirochete or parasite infection. Such as, the syphilis of the testis, and testis trauma often lead to a orchitis. If the testis or the human body is in the Isotope phosphorus, the tissue in testis is damaged and those people quite risk for orchitis. People who have chronic orchitis have a slowly swelling testis. The testis is smooth and hard, painful when touching. People who have severe chronic orchitis have a withering testis.