Why Does Chronic Epididymitis Occur Acutely?

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Epididymitis is one of the urogenital diseases with a relatively high incidence rate in men. It is divided into acute and chronic diseases. Among them, chronic epididymitis is mainly caused by prolonged acute epididymitis not being treated promptly. Many patients will have repeated acute attacks, which are very painful! So why does chronic epididymitis have an acute episode? Let's take a look together!


Why does chronic epididymitis occur acutely?

The epididymis is a small but important organ in the male reproductive system. It is located above the testicles and is an important place to store sperm and promote sperm development and maturation.

When men have chronic epididymitis, there may be swelling and discomfort in the scrotal area. If there is no acute attack, there may be no obvious symptoms. However, inflammatory infections have not been eliminated. Long-term inflammatory stimulation can cause changes in the structure of the testes and epididymis tissue, fibrosis and hardening of the affected area, etc., thereby weakening the patient's sensitivity to local inflammation.

When patients with chronic epididymitis cause local epididymitis, edema, and increased inflammation due to various factors such as poor lifestyle habits, overwork, low immune function, and weakened local resistance, it will cause an acute attack.

What are the symptoms during an acute episode of chronic epididymitis?

During an acute attack, patients with chronic epididymitis will experience a rapid onset of the disease, accompanied by obvious abnormal pain symptoms, which will affect the patient's normal life and work.

Common symptoms include:

Epididymis and testicles are swollen, red, swollen, and painful. Standing can cause pain to worsen;

Swelling and pain in the scrotum area, as well as redness and swelling of the scrotal skin, can even cause abscesses;

Symptoms of urinary tract infections such as burning sensation in the urethra, frequent urination, and urgent urination;

Systemic symptoms such as fever, chills, and headache.

How can chronic epididymitis be treated effectively to prevent its recurrence?

For chronic epididymitis, the key to treatment is to eliminate inflammation and prevent recurrence. Traditional Chinese medicine treats chronic diseases, has good treatment results, and can improve physical fitness, enhance immunity, and prevent the recurrence of chronic diseases. The main methods of treating chronic epididymitis in traditional Chinese medicine are:


Traditional Chinese medicine treatment

Traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can clear heat and detoxify, activate blood stasis, reduce swelling and pain, improve local microcirculation in the epididymis, enhance tissue metabolic capacity, regulate the immune system, and relieve inflammation of the epididymis. Continued medication can treat chronic epididymitis and effectively reduce the probability of its recurrence!


Dietary therapy

Diet is also important when treating chronic epididymitis. Patients should avoid spicy, oily, cold, and irritating foods as much as possible and eat more foods rich in vitamin C and protein. Also, patients should drink plenty of water to keep urination open.

Lifestyle improvements

Patients with chronic epididymitis should maintain good living habits, pay attention to personal hygiene, and avoid overwork and mental stress. Proper exercise can promote blood and lymph circulation, strengthen the body's immunity, and prevent the occurrence and recurrence of diseases.

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