Epididymitis and Sterilization: Tackling the Hidden Dangers of Male Contraception

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Male sterilization, achieved by severing and ligating the vas deferens to block or occlude the passage of sperm, is a proven and effective contraceptive method. However, many men harbor reservations towards this surgical intervention, fearing potential complications such as post-vasectomy pain syndrome and epididymitis. Let us now delve into these concerns and address them comprehensively.


What are the potential sequelae of male sterilization? This permanent contraceptive method, reserved for men who have no desire for future fertility, involves inherent risks and potential complications.

Localized pain in the testicular and epididymal regions

Postoperative occlusion of the vas deferens can lead to accumulation of sperm and seminal fluid in the testicular and epididymal tissues, causing local swelling and discomfort. This pain may be severe and may require analgesic medication.

Pain in the vas deferens

The vas deferens is richly innervated with sensitive nerves, which can be inadvertently severed during surgery, leading to intractable pain in the affected area.


Narrowing of the vas deferens, damage to the blood vessels, and bleeding caused by the surgical procedure can promote bacterial infection, leading to vasitis.

Wound infection

Poor wound care or diminished immune function in the patient can increase the risk of infection and inflammation at the surgical site.

Can male sterilization lead to epididymitis?

Post-vasectomy epididymitis can develop in some men following the procedure. This is attributed to the fact that even after vasectomy, men continue to produce a significant amount of sperm and seminal fluid that cannot be fully absorbed and may accumulate in the epididymis, leading to pain and swelling in the affected area. Over time, chronic epididymitis can develop as a result of infection in the epididymis. 

Patients may experience chronic scrotal pain, thickening and hardening of the vas deferens, varying degrees of epididymal enlargement and hardness, and radiating pain into the lower abdomen. In addition, sterilization may increase the risk of prostatitis in men.

How to treat epididymitis caused by male sterilization?

For the treatment of epididymitis caused by male sterilization, not only does it require antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment, but also the unblocking of the vas deferens to prevent the accumulation of sperm and epididymal fluid from causing further infections. 

The herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has remarkable efficacy in treating chronic epididymitis by clearing heat and toxins, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain, and diuresis.

Oral administration of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can eliminate inflammation and infection, clear pathogenic bacteria from the epididymis, testicles, and prostate, and have antibacterial effects. Furthermore, it can promote blood circulation, relieve pain and discomfort, and help absorb the accumulated sperm and epididymal fluid to prevent further accumulation and eliminate the proliferation of epididymis and vas deferens.

After vasectomy, the occurrence of epididymitis is mainly due to the lack of related protective measures and failure to rest properly. Therefore, patients need to pay attention to developing good dietary habits and eating on time.

Ensuring sufficient protein intake, choosing low-fat foods such as chicken and fish as sources of protein, eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, avoiding spicy foods, eating less fried, pickled, and smoked foods, and avoiding overeating are all important considerations.

Protecting the scrotum from being squeezed, using a cushion when lying down to rest, maintaining good personal hygiene, changing underwear in a timely manner, and getting enough rest while avoiding staying up late are also important. Patients should avoid vigorous exercise and move gently when changing positions. Sexual activity should be avoided as much as possible until full recovery.

The above is the introduction of whether male sterilization will cause epididymitis. I hope it can help everyone!

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