Men with Prostatitis: Abstain from Sex or Not, That is the Question

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Many people know that frequent and uncontrolled sex is a factor that triggers prostatitis. So, if a man has prostatitis, should he abstain from sex altogether? 


Is abstinence beneficial for prostatitis recovery?

First of all, abstinence is usually not good for prostatitis. The prostate gland is an essential part of the male body that produces prostate fluid. If a patient has prostatitis, prolonged abstinence may lead to irregular discharge of prostate fluid and even exacerbate the symptoms of prostatitis. For example, the patient may also experience symptoms such as frequent urination, urinary urgency, and painful urination, and prolonged abstinence may cause these symptoms to become worse.

Secondly, abstinence needs to be divided into situations. If it is acute prostatitis, patients should abstain from sex because sex may aggravate prostate congestion, leading to urination difficulties and even blood semen. If it is chronic prostatitis, patients do not need to abstain from sex and can have a regular sexual life. Frequent sexual intercourse is the trigger of prostatitis and also the reason for the recurrence of prostatitis; at the same time, it is easy to lead to the woman infected with gynecological diseases. But regular semen discharge instead has a helpful effect on prostatitis treatment, and chronic prostatitis can also be relieved by regular prostate massage to discharge the semen.

If men don't have sex for a long time, the semen discharged by them is yellowish pus-like change, which is also not conducive to the recovery of anterior prostatitis. So, chronic prostatitis patients do not need to abstain from sex as long as their regular sex lives are carried out. If it is chronic bacterial prostatitis, patients need to do a good job of safety measures while having a proper sex life.

Finally, timely treatment is the best measure to deal with prostatitis. Prostatitis is one of the typical male surgical diseases, divided into acute and chronic types. Acute prostatitis treatment requires acute treatment because the onset is more rapid, with obvious infection; for example, the patient will have a fever, urinary abnormalities, and even localized obvious urinary difficulties. Firstly, control the infection; secondly, keep urination smooth; if necessary, catheterization can be carried out. If the patient forms an abscess, surgical intervention can be made during the abscess by incision and drainage.

Lifestyle adjustment is vital in the treatment of chronic prostatitis. Patients should pay attention not to eat spicy and stimulating food and eat more nutritious fresh vegetables and fruits; drink more water every day and replenish the body's water to promote the body's metabolism; ensure a good night's sleep and appropriate physical exercise to enhance the immune system. For recurring prostatitis, the herbs in the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can penetrate the prostate membrane, and the medicinal effect directly reaches the diseased area, eliminating the inflammation from the root and restoring the normal function of the prostate.

It is worth noting that while excessive abstinence is undesirable, moderate abstinence has many benefits. For example, if a man has symptoms such as lack of pleasure, functional non-ejaculation, loss of desire, low semen volume, etc., appropriate abstinence can increase the volume of semen, increase the local stimulation of the gonads, accumulate the secretion of the accessory gonads, and enhance the libido and so on. In addition to this, short-term abstinence can make men's sleep get some replenishment and can also increase libido. It may also stimulate male creativity, which is conducive to family happiness. Men should decide the number of sexual intercourse according to their physical condition, psychological condition, age, and the situation of their partners.

Therefore, during the period of treatment, prostatitis patients can promote the inflammatory substances and absorption and enhance the body's resistance by short-term abstinence and maintaining a regular sex life to promote the recovery of the disease, improve the quality of sex life, and reduce the physical and mental burden.

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