Prostate Congestion and Prostatitis: Does the Former Lead to the Latter?

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Many men know about prostatitis, and more and more patients are becoming concerned about this disease. However, many people have never heard of one type of prostatitis: congestive prostatitis. The so-called congestive prostatitis, as the name suggests, is prostatitis caused by congestion, and the main symptom is a congested prostate gland.


Prostate congestion, especially passive congestion, due to various causes is an important pathogenic factor. Non-infectious, non-microbial prolonged congestion can create a non-specific inflammatory response. 

Congestion is common in the following conditions in life:

1. Irregular Sex Life: When having sex, the prostate gland will also have physiological congestion, which is a normal phenomenon. However, long-term irregular sexual life, too frequent intercourse, or excessive masturbation will lead to repeated congestion of the prostate. 

Similarly, if one practices long-term abstinence, the body's innate sexual impulses cannot be released promptly, resulting in the sexual organs remaining continuously aroused, which can also lead to prolonged congestion in the prostate. Indulgence or abstinence can repeatedly stimulate the prostate, leading to congestion and edema, which, over time, may induce prostatitis.

2. Direct Pressure on the Perineum: Bicycling, horseback riding, sedentary behavior, and prolonged driving can lead to repeated injuries to the perineum and congestion of the prostate, especially common with prolonged bicycling.

3. Unhealthy Lifestyle: Bad lifestyle habits such as alcoholism and gluttony of greasy, spicy, and stimulating foods can easily lead to prostate congestion and swelling, and the prostate is bound to be affected.

4. Excessive Massage: When patients seek medical treatment, excessive pressure or too frequent prostate massages by the doctor can also cause congestion and swelling in the prostate area. Moreover, certain inappropriate medical treatments that involve invading the urethra can also cause the prostate to become congested.

5. Get Cold: Catching a cold can stimulate the body's sympathetic nerves, leading to an increase in urethral pressure and contraction of the prostate duct, which hinders the excretion of prostatic fluid, resulting in congestive retention.

Therefore, to prevent prostatitis, the first thing is to try to avoid excessive congestion of the prostate. In daily life, men should reduce the frequency of sexual activity, divert their attention, and participate more in outdoor activities, such as mountain climbing and picnicking. 

Pay attention to the lower abdomen to keep warm and avoid cold when the weather is cold. In addition, avoid drinking alcohol, do not eat spicy and stimulating food, have regular habits, and maintain an optimistic attitude. 

The above methods help control and prevent prostatitis but cannot cure it. Patients can take the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for congestive prostatitis, which can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis to relieve congestive symptoms. In addition, it also has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal efficacy, which can help patients regulate the genitourinary system and improve immunity.

It should be reminded that prostate congestion does not necessarily lead to prostatitis; only long-term congestion can induce inflammation. Therefore, men should not worry too much. Besides prostate congestion, other causes may also lead to prostatitis, for example, bacterial infection or microbial invasion. Therefore, patients should also improve their immunity in daily life and pay attention to maintaining genital hygiene.

As you can see, prostate congestion is a relatively common cause of prostate inflammation, but many men ignore it. Some men will often sit for hours at a time, which is very unfavorable to the health of the prostate. Therefore, men should start now to protect their prostate to avoid causing passive congestion.

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