Does a Long-Term Vegetarian Diet Lead To Prostatitis?

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I don't know when it started, but "vegetarianism" has recently become popular. Vegetarians believe a vegetarian diet is a way to maintain health and has many benefits. However, another argument has emerged: "A long-term vegetarian diet in men may lead to prostatitis."


Is this statement correct? What is the scientific basis for it?

In fact, a long-term vegetarian diet is likely to lead to prostatitis due to the diet containing more proteins, which get into the human body and will break down more nitrogenous waste. These nitrogenous wastes can irritate the prostate, then inducing prostatitis. 

In addition, a long-term vegetarian diet may also cause vitamin deficiency, fatty acid metabolism abnormalities, micronutrient deficiencies, and other conditions, which can cause damage to the prostate, also causing prostatitis. 

The specific analysis is as follows:

1. Vitamin Deficiency: A long-term vegetarian diet may cause vitamin deficiencies, leading to a decline in the body's immunity, and pathogenic infections are prone to recur. When the infection invades the prostate, it is possible to trigger prostatitis.

2. Abnormal Fatty Acid Metabolism: Long-term vegetarianism may also cause abnormal fatty acid metabolism, thus triggering obesity. As obese patients are prone to insulin resistance, the elevated level of androgens in their bodies may cause a drop in testosterone, which can lead to hyperkeratosis of prostate epithelial cells, resulting in the atrophy of prostate glands and prostatitis.

3. Trace Element Deficiency: Long-term vegetarianism may also cause zinc, selenium, and other trace element deficiencies. The prostate is a vital organ that regulates the body's endocrine system, and a long-term lack of zinc, selenium, and other trace elements may cause the prostate to atrophy, leading to prostatitis.

4. Other Reasons: Long-term vegetarianism may also lead to declining immunity, making the body susceptible to pathogenic infections and inducing prostatitis.

Therefore, it is recommended that men adopt a balanced diet with meat and vegetables in their daily lives. If men already have symptoms of prostatitis, it is suggested to consult a doctor for examination promptly to clarify the cause of the disease before treatment; they can also take oral traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, to relieve pain, eliminate inflammation, and improve immunity.

For diets, we offer men the following suggestions for reference:

1. Protein Intake: Vegetarians can choose plant protein, such as soy protein, dairy protein, etc. Prostatitis is an inflammatory disease that can cause prostate congestion and edema, and the protein contained in plant protein can synthesize the essential amino acids needed by the body after being absorbed by the body, which is conducive to the recovery of prostatitis.

2. Fat Intake: Vegetarians can choose meat with low-fat content, such as lean meat, beef, and lamb. High-fat food will significantly increase the body burden, so prostatitis patients are not recommended to intake food with high-fat content excessively.

3. Carbohydrate Intake: Vegetarians can choose the lower carbohydrate content of coarse grains, such as barley, buckwheat, etc. because carbohydrates have a better sense of satiety; you can avoid prostatitis patients' excessive intake of energy, resulting in obesity, and aggravate the symptoms of prostatitis.

4. Other Aspects: In addition to the above food, patients are also recommended to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits because vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and trace elements and, to a certain extent, enhance the body's resistance, thus promoting prostatitis as soon as possible to heal.

Because prostatitis is a relatively easy recurrence of the disease, in the treatment process, in addition to paying attention to diet, patients should also avoid sedentary, strengthen physical exercise, and so on. In addition, avoiding staying up late, holding urine for a long time, and paying attention to local hygiene and cleanliness are all effective measures to prevent and relieve prostatitis.

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