Improper Sitting Posture, Beware of Prostate Injury

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In the process of life and work, men's unreasonable life posture sometimes will harm the body. If men sit for a long time in an incorrect position, it is effortless to cause injury to the prostate, which can lead to prostatitis or hyperplasia.


Prostate injuries can cause significant distress to men. So, why do men sit in the wrong position, which can lead to prostate injuries? What is the correct sitting posture?

The prostate is located at the bottom of the pelvis, and when a man sits upright with his center of gravity centered, he is practically sitting on his prostate. Sitting still for a long time will press the prostate, resulting in poor blood circulation and injuries. If the blood circulation of the prostate is not smooth, it is difficult for harmful substances to be discharged from the body, and it can easily cause inflammation, leading to prostate disease. When the prostate is inflamed, patients can take oral Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to eliminate the inflammation and restore the normal function of the prostate.

To improve poor sitting posture, men should consciously rotate their center of gravity between their left and right hips, thus reducing the appearance of prostate congestion and other symptoms. 

Men can also adjust the sitting position so that the left and right sides of the body rotate to bear the body weight to protect the prostate effectively. In addition, when men are sitting, they must keep their backs straight and not cross their legs or lie down halfway. 

Try to take the posture of the legs slightly apart; the degree of separation should be a little wider than shoulder width, which can also reduce the pressure brought to the buttocks and help promote blood circulation.

In addition, after sitting for some time, men should stand up and move around properly, which is also a way to adjust their posture. For example, standing up and stretching can relieve muscle stiffness and pain and promote blood circulation. Properly pat the waist and buttocks when stretching.

However, it is essential not to get into the habit of sitting on one side of the body to relieve pressure on the prostate because sitting on one side of the body will cause the muscles on one side of the body to be in a constant state of tension, which can lead to muscle pain and osteoarthritic or pelvic floor discomfort and other problems. Adjusting your sitting posture while sitting can effectively protect the prostate.

In addition to unscientific sitting, what bad habits in men's lives can lead to prostate injuries? There are mainly the following:

Heavy Drinking: Alcohol affects the prostate in men, causing it to become congested and swollen. If a man drinks alcohol regularly, his prostate will swell, gradually causing prostate inflammation.

Frequent Consumption Of Spicy Foods: These foods will cause blood vessels and organs to be congested. If consumed regularly, they can cause inflammation of the prostate gland, which is detrimental to the health of the prostate.

Incorrect Sexual Behavior: Frequent sexual intercourse will lead to continuous congestion of the prostate gland, inducing prostatitis; over-suppression of sexual desire will lead to a large hoarding of prostatic fluid, which may induce inflammation. Interrupting intercourse before ejaculation, extracorporeal emission, or frequent masturbation can cause the prostate to become congested and swollen, causing inflammation.

Frequent Holding Urine: For example, cab drivers are prone to prostate diseases because they often do not have time to go to the toilet and then hold urine, hurting the prostate. Holding back urine will reduce the number of times a man urinates and slow down the metabolic rate of the prostate, thus easily triggering an inflammatory response in the prostate.

Neglect To Keep Warm: If the prostate is cold, it is easy to cause sympathetic nerve excitation and gland atrophy, affecting the normal urination of men.

The prostate is a more important organ in the male reproductive organs; once the problem occurs, it will significantly impact men's normal life and work. Therefore, men should pay attention to learn and understand more about the prostate in their daily lives and know how to protect it. It is indispensable to take good care of the prostate and prevent it from any damage.

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