Why Does Massaging the Prostate Produce Prostate Fluid?

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Prostate fluid is a thick, milky, translucent fluid secreted by the prostate gland and is an essential part of semen. Androgens control its secretion, and the prostate gland in adult men produces prostate fluid continuously, with the amount secreted varying from person to person.


The prostate gland does not flow out independently under normal circumstances, but it can be drained in several ways. When the prostate is massaged, prostate fluid can flow out.

The reason why massaging the prostate will produce prostate fluid is generally related to physiological factors but may also be pathological factors, as follows:

1. Physiological Factors: Massage of the prostate will stimulate muscle contraction. When the muscles are excited, the fluid in the glandular ducts will flow out, which is part of the semen and is a normal phenomenon. It is recommended that patients do not have to worry about it; regular daily replacement of clothing can relieve it.

It should be noted that do not frequently discharge prostate fluid so as not to destroy the normal physiological function of the prostate. When removing the prostate fluid, you should maintain a good mind and avoid tension, anxiety, and other harmful emotions. You can go to the regular hospital for treatment if there is localized pain, redness, swelling, and other symptoms after the prostate fluid discharge.

2. Pathological Factors: If there is inflammation of the prostate, it will secrete more fluid. At this time on the prostate massage, the prostate is stimulated by the prostate will flow out of the prostate fluid, and even the urethra opening can flow out of the milky white secretion, clinically also known as white fluid in the urethra opening.

It is helpful for people with prostatitis to drain the prostate fluid. The buildup of prostate fluid in the prostate aggravates the prostate's sensation of nerve and tissue irritation. That irritation can cause frequent urination, incomplete urination, divergent urination, and lower abdominal or pelvic discomfort. That's why draining prostate fluid out of the body can relieve prostatitis symptoms. Proper elimination of prostate fluid is helpful. Especially for prostatitis patients, it helps the disease to recover and heal.

But for acute bacterial prostatitis, it is forbidden to do prostate massage. If the prostate is stimulated at this time, the bacteria may go into the blood circulation and cause sepsis throughout the body. It is not recommended to drain the prostate fluid or do prostate massage.

It is worth noting that prostate massage is only one of the physical means of relieving the symptoms of prostatitis and should not be used as a substitute for medication. If the diagnosis of prostatitis is confirmed, the patient should take treatment as soon as possible and can be treated with antibiotics under the guidance of the doctor. 

In addition, patients can also take oral Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill, whose herbal ingredients can penetrate the prostate membrane. The efficacy of the drug directly to the lesion, from the root, to eliminate inflammation and restore the prostate's normal function.

What else should you pay attention to when you have prostatitis?

1. Adjust Diet: Make healthy dietary choices and increase your intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats.

2. Drink More Water: Prostatitis patients must drink a lot of water daily. Drinking a lot of water can flush out toxins from the body and help treat prostatitis.

3. Pay Attention To Personal Hygiene: Prostatitis patients should pay attention to personal hygiene. Most of the prostate disease is caused by infection, so it is necessary to develop the habit of diligent bathing and diligent change of underwear.

4. Regular Urination: Avoid holding urine and develop regular urination habits. Regular urination can reduce the retention time of prostate secretions in the bladder and reduce inflammation.

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