How to Protect the Prostate After Sexual Activity?

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The prostate is an essential organ for men, and the prostatic fluid it secretes not only participates in sperm synthesis but also plays a vital role in sexual life.


Sex is a way for couples to enhance their relationship, and moderate sex life is good for health and makes the brain secrete dopamine and other substances that make people happy.

But it is worth noting that after the end of sex, men had better not do the following four things; otherwise, it may hurt the prostate.

1. Shower immediately

There are numerous tiny capillaries distributed on the prostate. After sex, men's basal body temperature rises, and capillaries are in a state of expansion. If a man takes a cold shower right after sex, it will promote the contraction of the prostate, reducing the prostate's resistance thus increasing the risk of prostate disease.

Therefore, men should go back to the shower after the body temperature returns to normal, which is conducive to protecting the prostate.

2. Urinating or smoking immediately

Many men urinate immediately after sex, which is a wrong behavior. Because the organs are still highly excited after sex at this time, forced urination can increase urethral pressure, resulting in urine reflux.

In addition, after sex, some guys feel tired all over the body and often smoke to relieve. But cigarette harmful substances will quickly invade the prostate, increasing the risk of prostatitis.

3. Blowing immediately

It is not allowed to blow cold air after having intercourse. After sexual activity, many people feel heated and directly blow air conditioning at themselves, which is detrimental to their overall health. Because the body's ability to regulate the body temperature will decline significantly after intercourse, blowing cold air is very easy to get cold.

Furthermore, direct exposure to cold air can cause the sudden closure of sweat gland ducts, leading to urine retention in the body, which cannot be expelled. Even in the hot summer, people should be careful not to blow the wind immediately after intercourse. It is best to cover with a thin quilt to not catch the wind cold.

4. Tissue wiping

After sex, some secretions will remain in the private parts, and many men will wipe it off directly with tissues. This method is unscientific because the paper towel is mixed with chemical ingredients and dust. Wiping private parts with a tissue can introduce bacteria into men's bodies and trigger inflammation.

After engaging in sexual activity, men should lie in bed and rest for approximately ten minutes. Then, moisten a towel with warm water and gently wipe the intimate areas.

In addition, men can protect the prostate in their daily lives in this way.

1. Change bad habits

Smoking, drinking, and staying up all night will harm the body and affect the prostate. The bad habits that exist for a long time will weaken the immune system, making it easier for pathogens to invade and trigger inflammatory infections and increase the incidence of prostatitis.

2. Maintain personal hygiene

Genitals are susceptible to germs and bacteria and cause inflammation, such as urethritis and phimosis. Inflammation can travel up to the prostate gland and cause prostatitis, so it is essential to maintain personal hygiene.

3. Do not hold urine

Drink plenty of water, urinate more often, and not hold urine. Holding urine can cause the urine to reflux and irritate the prostate, which can easily cause inflammation and infection. Drinking plenty of water can dilute the urine and produce urine to expel inflammatory substances from the prostate and bladder urethra. Be cautious and do not substitute beverages for plain water.

4. Maintain moderate sex life

Moderate sexual life can dredge the prostate, discharge the prostate fluid accumulated in the prostate from the body, and reduce the inflammatory substances. However, excessive sex life should be avoided because it will make the prostate repeatedly congested and increase the chance of inflammation and infection.

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