Is There a Connection Between the Sexual Ability and the Prostate?

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As the male genitalia, the prostate and sex are inextricably linked physiologically and pathologically. 


First of all, the prostate is an internal sexual characteristic of males. When the secondary sexual feature of men begins to develop, the pituitary gland will stimulate the growth of the testis, in which a large number of sperm will be produced at this time, enabling the secretion of a large number of male androgen. The prostate will also begin to grow under the stimulation of this hormone. Generally, the prostate can develop normally only if the testis function normally.


Secondly, when men are sexually stimulated, noticeable changes will appear in the external reproductive organs, such as the erection of the penis and the elevation of the testis. In contrast, the changes in the prostate are rarely known by ourselves. During normal ejaculation, the prostate will rhythmically contract, participating in the formation of an orgasm. 


What's more, the bladder neck will be closed, preventing semen from flowing into the bladder; When the prostate is removed for various reasons, there may be retrogressive ejaculation, which refers to the semen will shoot into the bladder in the opposite direction during ejaculation. The semen will be expelled together with urine the next time of urination. That condition is not harmful to health but will make pregnancy difficult.


Is sexual ability related to the prostate? 


A particular relationship exists between the prostate and sexual ability, especially in patients with chronic prostatitis. When symptoms of prostatitis occur repeatedly and are not treated in time, they often cause a decline in sexual function, such as impotence, premature ejaculation, or low sexual desire. 

Hence, prostatitis needs treatment. And herbal medicine The traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can effectively treat prostatitis, especially chronic prostatitis.

Some diuretic and anti-inflammatory components in the drug can promote the excretion of urine, which is conducive to expelling inflammatory substances and bacteria from the body, thereby alleviating the symptoms of chronic prostatitis.


Clinically, many patients with prostatitis have different types of sexual dysfunction, such as premature ejaculation, penile erectile dysfunction, etc. The specific reasons affecting sexual function are mainly seen in the following aspects:


1. Direct impact: the prostate gland is a gonadal organ, the central role of which is to produce prostatic fluid that accounts for 95% of the composition of semen. When there is inflammation in the prostate, the ejaculation of semen will be affected. However, there is a direct link between a man's orgasm and ejaculation. Usually, the larger the ejaculation volume, the more powerful the ejaculation will be and the stronger the male orgasm. Therefore, prostatic fluid problems will affect the ejaculation pleasure that brings to men.


2. Indirect impact: although the prostate is a gonadal organ, it differs from the penis and testicles. All kinds of prostatitis are unlikely to cause erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation directly. Clinically, such problems are more often seen in the young and middle-aged. Sexual function will be affected by anxiety, depression, and insomnia caused by sudden dysuria or prolonged pelvic floor pain symptoms.


What should patients do when sexual function declines? 


In the early stage of chronic bacterial prostatitis, sexual function will not be affected significantly. However, when apparent symptoms occur, it is necessary to control the sexual life, which should not be frequent. One time a week is appropriate. This is conducive to the discharge of the inflammatory prostatic fluid and the production of fresh prostatic fluid, playing the role of "decontamination and evacuating turbid"; it will not cause hyperemia in the prostate. If you do not know the causes of the disease, it is safer to use condoms.

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