Self-test Whether Your Prostate Is Healthy in One Minute? Are You Qualified?

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As prostatitis spreads among men, the prostate gradually becomes a headache for many men. Nowadays, about 50 percent of men have prostatitis for some reason.


Proper functioning of the prostate gland is crucial to a man's health. The prostate strangles the urethral mouth. Once prostatitis appears, it is bound to affect urination. Therefore, it can initially determine whether the prostate is healthy according to urination.

How to self-test whether your prostate is healthy?

1. Whether there is endless urination, urgent and frequent urination, and painful urination when you urinate.

2. Observe the urine color and see whether it is white, dark brown, or red.

3. Whether accompanied by male infertility and cystitis.

4. Whether there are waist soreness and lower abdominal swelling.

5. Whether there are urethra scorching and white drops on the urethra mouth.

6. Whether there is swelling pain in the perineal and testis.

7. Whether there are perineum, scrotum dampness, and itching.

8. Whether there are dizziness, insomnia, and dreaminess.

9. Whether there are symptoms of functional decline and fatigue.

If more than three conditions are met, the risks of prostatic diseases are high. Are you up to the standard? Prostatic diseases must be found early, treated early, and rehabilitated early.

Methods to maintain the prostate:

1. Avoid sitting for a long time. Being sedentary, riding a bicycle, or riding a motorcycle for a long time can lead to repeated stimulation of the prostate gland, causing prostate congestion and edema, reducing local resistance, and being easy to induce prostatitis. Therefore, men should avoid sitting for a long time and participate in more physical activities instead.

2. Urinate promptly. When holding in urine, the bladder is full all the time, it appears to have continuous pressure on the prostate, and local blood circulation is blocked, causing obstructed blood flow and prostatic congestion and swelling. At the same time, it harms the ureter and kidney, and if severe, it can induce renal failure and urine retention. Thus, don't hold in urine and urinate promptly.

3. Develop good eating habits. Men can eat adequate fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts, which provide their bodies with antioxidants and zinc to maintain a healthy prostate. Stay away from tobacco, alcohol, and spicy and stimulating food to avoid stimulating the urethra and prostate, causing local congestion, swelling, and discomfort, and reducing disease resistance.

4. Anal lift. Let's learn the specific method of anal lifting exercise. Forcibly contract the muscles around the anus when you inhale and continue for three seconds. Then, relax the anal muscles when you exhale—repeating that several times will be enough.

This method can promote blood circulation, improve pelvic floor muscle and peripheral nerve function, reduce prostate enlargement and inflammatory reaction, and relieve urination discomfort.

5. Drink plenty of water. Develop a good habit of drinking plenty of water to ensure urinating once every two hours. Urinating a lot can flush the urethra, promote the discharge of prostatic fluid, and prevent prostatic congestion.

6. Keep warm. Affected by cold stimulation, the sympathetic nerve of the prostate will be overexcited, which promotes the smooth muscle contraction of the prostate gland and causes obstruction of the prostate tube, inducing and aggravating prostatitis.

7. Quit bad habits. Don't smoke or drink alcohol, eat more whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables, and maintain moderate exercise to improve disease resistance.

8. Pay attention to hygiene. Due to the large contraction of the scrotum and non-ventilation conditions, it is easy to cause dirt and breed too many bacteria. Therefore, you should clean your genitals daily. At the same time, maintain a good mood and relax.

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