Does Prostate Massage Hurt? Can It Treat Chronic Prostatitis?

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Prostate massage is generally divided into two types: one is manual massage and the other is machine massage.


In the case of manual massage, the patient needs to bend down and take off his pants. Then the doctor wears gloves to apply lubricating oil and puts the index finger into the anus to find and squeeze the prostate.

In the case of machine massage, the patient lies on his side on the machine bed, applies lubricating oil through the machine probe, puts on a safety film, and then probes into the anus and squeezes the prostate.

Does prostate massage hurt?

Generally speaking, as long as the operation is standard and the movement is gentle, prostate massage is generally not painful. On the contrary, if the operation is not formal and the force is too strong, in addition to pain, it can easily cause damage to the prostate and anorectal tissue. Therefore, when performing a prostate massage, go to a regular medical institution and accept a massage from a professional doctor.

Can prostate massage treat chronic prostatitis?

As an additional treatment of prostatitis, prostate massage can only promote disease prevention and rehabilitation but can't treat chronic prostatitis. For an effective and thorough treatment of prostatitis, it is necessary to go to a regular medical institution.

Experts point out that the symptoms of prostatitis are various, but the stem of the disease is the same, which is caused by prostate rigidity and sclerosis, which is fibrosis. Therefore, as long as solving the fundamental problem of prostate rigidity and sclerosis, it can effectively treat and improve prostatitis.

Advantages and disadvantages of prostate massage:

1. Prostate massage can speed up the blood flow of the prostate, promote the blood circulation of the prostate, and accelerate the metabolism and nutrition supply of the prostate, which is very beneficial for the prevention and rehabilitation of prostate diseases.

2. Whether it is artificial or machine massage, if you don't thoroughly clean, it is easy to bring bacteria, viruses, and other harmful substances into the anal intestine, causing anal inflammation. In addition, frequent and forceful prostate massage will also cause excessive prostate congestion under continuous extrusion, resulting in blood circulation disorders.

Therefore, it is not recommended to have a prostate massage because prostate massage is difficult to operate and master the strength. If unprofessional people operate it, prostate stimulation is not conducive to the rehabilitation of the disease. Patients with chronic prostatitis should listen to the doctor's advice carefully.

So how to treat chronic prostatitis?

1. Medication. Drug therapy is the core treatment for patients with chronic prostatitis, especially quinolone and aminoglycoside antibiotics, which are essential drugs for treating chronic prostatitis. On this basis, α receptor blockers, Chinese patent medicines that promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs can be combined to improve symptoms.

2. Keep a regular schedule. You should keep a regular routine, ensure enough sleep, avoid staying up late, and prevent irregular life or fatigue that causes the fluctuation of the immune system. Avoid alcohol, spicy food, strong tea, and coffee. Drink enough water and don't hold urine, which is conducive to discharging prostate secretions and preventing infection. 

3. Moderate physical exercise. It can regulate mood and promote physical recovery but don't be too drastic. Walking, jogging, and doing gymnastics are perfect forms of exercise. It can exercise muscles in the abdomen, perineal area, and buttock, promoting pelvic blood and lymph circulation and is conducive to inflammation subsiding and absorption.

4. Have regular sex. Moderate and regular sex life can promote the discharge of prostatic fluid, which is conducive to the regression of inflammation and improve patients' quality of life and psychological state. However, you should avoid excessive sex.

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