How to Run Correctly with Chronic Prostatitis?

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Everyone knows about prostatitis. It is very harmful to human health. Lousy living habits mainly cause prostatitis. Sitting for a long time or excessive masturbation can lead to prostatitis. For prostatitis patients, we must pay attention to controlling our daily diet, and at the same time, we must also pay attention to developing good living habits. Otherwise, it will harm the human body and aggravate the patient's condition.


The benefits of running for patients with chronic prostatitis:

Promote drug absorption and relieve symptoms. Running outdoors improves blood circulation and physical fitness and reduces inflammation.

Moreover, running can increase the function of the human heart and lungs and, at the same time, can effectively improve the blood circulation of the pelvic floor muscles, which plays a vital role in reducing symptoms such as chronic pelvic pain syndrome. At the same time, running can make people happy, reducing the negative emotions of tension and anxiety.

Second, have a good night's sleep. Because many symptoms of chronic pre-chronicity can significantly affect sleep, it is very uncomfortable. For example, abdominal swelling, frequent urination, testicular swelling, and other symptoms that stimulate nerve activity negatively impact falling asleep and sleep quality. Symptoms usually subside after effective running, so the nerve inflammation is much less irritated.

How to run correctly?

1. Running time.

Forty minutes to over an hour. According to the actual measurement, the best time is between forty minutes and one hour. The time needs to be longer to be helpful. Keep the body sweating for some time. After sweating, the glands are stimulated.

2. Running method.

Jogging or brisk walking to warm up at first; there is no need to run all the time; this is meaningless for pre-slow treatment. After warming up, run fast for a short distance to achieve a feeling similar to anaerobic exercise. Remember, always try to hold your breath during the intervals during the run, which is to contract the lower abdomen. In the case of no problem with the body shape, the stimulation of the glands will be felt when the lower abdomen is contracted.

Holding your breath and contracting your lower abdomen combined with running or brisk walking is very helpful for relieving symptoms. Of course, it will take a while to maintain this state. Do it several times a day while running. The premise is that the body should not be fat, and the dinner should not be too much. Otherwise, the glands will not be pressed no matter what you do.

3. The Effect is Better When Running with Bouncing Exercise.

The interval between running and stopping can be combined with a bouncing exercise, jumping up so that the knees can touch the chest. Many people may be unable to do it because of knee or body shape problems. It isn't easy. Thin bodies and people of average height can easily do it.

This exercise works well and stimulates the glands quickly and with a heavy dose of stimulation. If you can do it, doing more sets is very helpful in reducing symptoms.

Patients can also use jogging 3-4 times a week, 0.5-1h each time. In the process of jogging, it should be accompanied by a slight sweating feeling, and the heart rate should reach 80%-90% of the maximum heart rate, which can effectively prevent the recurrence of the above symptoms.

Of course, for prostatitis patients, it is necessary to pay attention to more exercise and actively intervene with drugs. The common one is herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can clear away heat, detoxify, dredge stranguria, and remove blood stasis. It can eliminate the uncomfortable symptoms of patients and cure diseases, especially chronic prostatitis.

At the same time, pay attention to your daily diet. You should not eat irritating food but eat more vegetables and fruits. At the same time, you can also eat more protein-rich foods, which can help improve people's immunity.

Prostatitis is a widespread inflammation that has a significant impact on people. Patients with prostatitis should focus on developing good living habits, not staying up late, and not sitting for a long time. Otherwise, it will affect people's blood circulation and aggravate the patient's condition.

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