What Kind of Patients Are Suitable for Prostate Massage?

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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more men attach importance to self-care, and they like to know more about prostate massage to better care for their prostate. Prostate massage is an effective method to diagnose and treat prostate diseases, a routine process to obtain prostatic fluid, and a routine technique for diagnosing and treating chronic prostatitis. 
Regularly Massaging the prostate allows men to drain prostatic fluid, discharge inflammatory substances, clear up prostatic secretory stasis, improve local blood circulation, and promote inflammation resolution. It is usually done by a professional doctor.
Prostate massage is a method to drain the prostate fluid, discharge inflammatory substances and achieve the effect of treatment by massaging the prostate. Many men resist this kind of treatment because they feel embarrassed and unwilling to let other people operate this. Prostate massage is not as complicated as people think. Massage in the hospital is the best choice, but men can do this at home after learning how to do it.

Although prostate massage has many benefits, it is not suitable for everyone. In general, patients with chronic prostatitis who have the following conditions can take prostate massage into consideration:
1. The urethral orifice often has cloudy white fluid dripping out.
2. Unmarried men rarely have spermatorrhea or few sexual partners.
3. Perineal discomfort, pain, and other apparent symptoms.
These conditions show that the number of prostate fluid is relatively large and is easy to accumulate. Then, it is good to carry out 1~2 course of prostate massage maintenance. The usual practice is to massage 1 to 2 times a week for 4 to 6 weeks as a course of treatment.
So, how should prostate massage be operated?
First, pay attention to posture. Taking a chest knee or lateral decubitus position is better for the operation.
Second, do a good job of lubrication. Wear plastic gloves and apply lubricating oil to gloves to reduce discomfort.
Third, massage. Massage the anus gently, insert the finger into the anus for about 4~6 cm, and press the prostatic gland softly with the finger abdomen.
Fourth, urination. Urinating immediately after a massage can better discharge inflammatory secretions and achieve the purpose of treatment.
So what should men keep in mind when doing prostate massage?
1. Time. Massage for 3 to 5 minutes each time.
2. The frequency of massage. The frequency of massage is once to twice a week, and the interval between each massage is at least three days.
3. Pay attention to the strength. Make sure to slightly increase the strength within the range that one can endure, but do not use too much force. Don't get hurt.
How can men protect their prostate in daily life?
The prostate is a male genitourinary organ, and its primary functions are to secrete prostatic fluid and control urination. To reduce the diseases related to the prostate, men should pay attention to the following aspects.
First of all, choose a good diet. Drink more water, urinate more, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.
Secondly, pay attention to keeping warm. Even if it is hot, do not use the air conditioner for a long time, and stay away from the air conditioner outlet.
In addition, be engaged in appropriate activities such as running and swimming. Do not sit for a long time. Do not ride a bicycle for a long time to press the perineum. Do not eat too much stimulating food. Drink less and smoke less. Do not hold urine.
Finally, keep yourself clean and avoid STDS. Regular sex life is recommended.
More and more patients are diagnosed with prostate diseases, so males are suggested to protect their prostate daily. Prevention is more important than treatment. Men should take the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill when they have prostate problems. The effects of this medicine, like clearing heat, detoxifying, and being anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, have been affirmed in clinical practice.
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