Prostatitis: How Can Men Have a Better Sexual Life?

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Many chronic prostatitis patients are concerned about whether they should have sex normally and may even keep a distance from sexual life. They worry that having sex may spread bacteria or pathogens to their sexual partner(s), or that it may worsen prostatitis. However, this is not the case. 

Specifically, when the clinical symptoms are significant, or the disease is in its attack period, for example, when they use prostate massage or local injection during treatment, chronic prostatitis patients should stay away from sexual life. When the clinical symptoms are stable or not apparent, they can and are suggested to have sex in moderation.
Normally speaking, men need to have sex. Sexual excitement increases prostatic fluid secretion. Frequent production of sexual excitement without ejaculation will cause prostatic fluid accumulation in the prostate site, providing a good environment for the growth and propagation of pathogens. 
On the contrary, moderate and regular sexual life or masturbation can help discharge prostate fluid, relieve prostate fluid stasis, improve local blood circulation, promote the absorption and dissipation of inflammation, and contribute to the prostate's normal function and the rehabilitation of the patients. Besides, sexual life also improves the quality of life and psychological state.
However, more sex is not always better. Men, especially those with chronic prostatitis, must prevent excessive sex or masturbation. Frequent ejaculation or excessive sexual life is easy to cause active or passive congestion of the prostate, leading to functional prostate contraction. Over and over again, it can cause glandular tissue damage and inflammation. 
In addition, due to a large amount of prostatic fluid discharge, the content of the trace element zinc in prostatic fluid is reduced. Zinc is generally considered the main component of the antibacterial effect in prostatic fluid. The zinc content reduction can decrease prostate's local defense ability, thus aggravating chronic prostatic inflammation. 
If this goes on for a long time, it is not conducive to the recovery of patients with chronic prostatitis and weakens the therapeutic effect of drugs. In addition, excessive sexual life can easily cause physical and mental fatigue and is not good for maintaining normal immune function.
So, how should chronic prostatitis patients have a better sexual life?
For chronic non-bacterial prostatitis patients, their sexual life is little affected. However, they should not have sex too frequently. One to three times a week is OK. For patients with chronic prostatitis caused by bacterial infection, it is best to go to the hospital first for proper treatment before having moderate and regular sex. Indulging in sex is not recommended all the time.
In addition, to ensure chronic prostatitis patients enjoy sexual life without causing physical damage, the following things are what they are suggested to do:
1. Drink more water and urinate more. A high urine concentration of urine will produce more irritation to the prostate, and drinking more water can dilute the concentration of urine.
2. Have regular sex. Having sex no more than three times a week has been shown to help alleviate prostate symptoms.
3. Take a warm bath. This can relieve tension in the muscles and prostate gland and relieve symptoms.
4. Stay away from stimulating foods and drinks. Stopping the intake of caffeine, spicy foods, and alcohol.
At the same time, male patients are recommended to try traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. This medicine is formulated from more than a dozen herbal medicines, which can be used as a good treatment for bacteria and inflammation in the human body. 
It can effectively clear heat and toxic materials, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. After taking it for a long time, the diseased tissue in the body will be eliminated, and the inflammation will be cured naturally.
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