Autumn Has a High Rate of Prostatitis, Take Proper Preventions

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In autumn, the weather turns cool, and the immunity and resistance of the human body decline. In addition to doing a good job in daily protection, for example, preventing colds, coughs, and other common diseases, adult men should also do a good job in avoiding prostate diseases. Autumn is the season when prostate diseases easily appear.

In autumn, the high incidence of prostatitis mainly results from changes in temperature and diet. The temperature difference between the morning and evening is enormous at this time. If men ignore keeping warm, dieting, and resting, the prostate will suffer from cold and hot stimulation, leading to its congestion and, eventually, prostatitis.
The prostate prefers heat and is afraid of cold. When the temperature gradually turns cool in autumn, cold will enhance the sympathetic nerve excitability and make the prostate glands contract. Then, blood vessels and prostate gland ducts dilate, causing chronic congestion. Continuously in a chronic congestion state, the urethral pressure increases, and the urine may flow back. As a result, many prostate fluids stagnate locally and induce prostate diseases.
In summer, the weather is hot, and people's appetite is poor. When the temperature cools in autumn, many men will have an increased appetite. With the idea of autumn fat, many men will go on a diet with friends eating spicy hot pots or drinking alcohol. They enjoy themselves indeed, but such enjoyments harm the prostate.
Spicy food can irritate blood vessels, causing them to dilate slightly. So, some organs become congested. The prostate gland is one such organ. As the blood vessels in the prostate gland continue to dilate, the prostate gland will be filled with blood all the time. Over time, prostatitis and other urinary problems are gradually induced.
At this time, patients need to identify related diseases and seek treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice for treating prostatitis and other urinary system diseases, such as epididymitis and urinary tract infections.
It is important to do the following things to protect the prostate:
1. Drink more water, urinate frequently, and do not hold in urine
Drinking more water and urinating more is one the essential healthcare methods for prostatitis patients. Urine can help "flush" the urethral tract and prevent urethral pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria reproduction, which helps maintain prostate health. 
2. Eat more fresh fruits/vegetables and stay away from spicy food
The intake of trace elements can enhance the anti-infection effect of the prostate. Prostatitis patients should eat more coarse flour, tofu, and other soybean products. Equally important, beef, mutton, fish, lean meat, peanuts, sesame, and dairy products should also be eaten more. Add more whole grains, nuts, vegetable oils, fresh vegetables, and fruits to your dinner table for various antioxidants in autumn.
Wine, chili, and other spicy food have a stimulating effect on the prostate and urethra. Therefore, prostatitis patients drinking or eating spicy food will find the perineum uncomfortable. Worse still, congestion and edema of the prostate and bladder neck will also be caused, resulting in reduced prostate resistance. Thus, giving up spicy food helps prevent prostatitis!
3. Exercise frequently and don't sit too long
Men should try to avoid being sedentary. On the contrary, they should get appropriate physical exercise. The movement of the abdomen, thigh, and buttock can give the prostate a massage and promote blood circulation and lymphatic circulation of the prostate area. Jogging or brisk walking for 20-30 minutes daily is good for the prostate.
4. Keep warm and prevent colds
The prostate likes warmth. Keeping warm can reduce muscle tissue contraction and make prostate congestion and edema state recover. Keeping warm in autumn amounts to preventing colds. Colds can aggravate the symptoms of prostate diseases, so be sure to reduce the chance of catching a cold.
Men can easily get prostatitis in autumn. So, please pay attention to daily health care and nursing work of the prostate.
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