Is Garlic The "Stimulating Food" of Prostatitis?

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The prostate is one of the male genitourinary organs, which is located in the pelvic cavity and close to the bladder neck mouth. Its main functions include secreting prostatic fluid and controlling the number of urination. The prostate, which has been called "the unique lifeline of men", shows the importance of the prostate to men. Maintaining a healthy prostate gland has also become the preferred way for men to keep fit.
However, in daily life, many male friends develop bad behavior habits, which will cause certain damage to the prostate. For example, staying up late for long periods, being sedentary, smoking, and drinking alcohol can damage the prostate. Therefore, we should pay attention to the timely correction of bad habits. Of course, we should also pay attention to our diets.
Is "garlic" stimulating for prostatitis?
Garlic is a usual kind of food for every family. It is a common condiment and has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects. Some say, "A garlic a day and diseases go away," and others say, "Meat without garlic tastes half as good ."Examples like these are many. People who like to eat garlic cannot eat their meals without garlic. 
Although the taste of garlic is unique, its nutritional value is high. Garlic is spicy and stimulating food that contains rich allicin, dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin E, a famous antioxidant, and other components.
Eating garlic regularly can enhance the body's resistance and immunity and prevent cancer to a certain extent. However, some people believe that garlic is spicy and stimulating, and eating garlic frequently will stimulate the prostate and aggravate the disease.
This statement, honestly, sounds a little one-sided. Although garlic is a specific stimulation, garlic is believed to have anti-inflammatory and bactericide effects. Thus,  men with prostatitis regularly eating garlic will not aggravate the disease. The fact is, eating garlic may even have specific improvement of the condition.
Even so, it is recommended that people eat garlic in moderation. Every coin has two sides. Excessive consumption of garlic will also bring certain safety risks to the body.
The spicy and pungent garlic will lead to vasodilatation when people eat it too often or for a long time. In such cases, the resistance of the prostate might be reduced. Worse still, the bacteria and germs near the prostate might breed, proliferate and induce acute prostatitis.
So, no matter how much one likes a particular food, one should eat it in moderation. Diseases come in at the mouth. Some diseases can be prevented by controlling how and what one eats. 
If prostatitis has been diagnosed, patients need to take the right treatment, mainly medication. In addition to antibiotics, traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can eliminate all symptoms associated with prostatitis in patients without causing harm to the body.
Other treatments, such as prostate massage, biofeedback therapy, and hyperthermia, are also effective.
Now there are more and more patients diagnosed with prostate disease. It is advised that men should protect the prostate in daily life.
1. Tomatoes. Eating a lot of tomatoes for a long time can help take in more lycopene and vitamin C, which all have stronger action against oxidation and anti-aging effects. At the same time, eating tomatoes can prevent prostate disease.
2. Pumpkin seeds. Taking in pumpkin seeds for long periods can increase the plant estrogen inside the body, inhibit the development of prostatic hyperplasia, and reduce prostatic symptoms.
3. Black beans and black rice. Eating black beans or black rice regularly can prevent prostate disease. Meanwhile, eating black beans or black rice can inhibit prostate volume from enlarging for male patients who have already been suffering from prostatic hyperplasia. 
4. Kiwi fruit. Kiwi is a fruit that people love very much. It is rich in vitamin C and various nutrients the human body needs. Kiwi can be regarded as a kind of prostate protection, especially for males. Because kiwi can speed up the body's metabolism and fight bacteria and inflammation, it is quite beneficial to the human body.
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