Therapeutic Effect of Massage on Sexual Dysfunction Caused by Chornic Prostatitis

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The stimulation of chronic inflammation often makes patients feel uncomfortable in the perineum, even pain in the waist, penis, testicles and other places, as well as the urethral stimulation sign, which causes psychological pressure, depression, worry about their sexual function, and often think that they have lost the ability of sexual life, which can cause the decrease of sexual desire of the spirit for a long time.
When stimulated by inflammation, premature ejaculation and painful ejaculation may occur. Over time, psychological fear of sexual life will occur, the number of sexual life will be reduced, and sexual desire will be reduced. So the main cause of sexual dysfunction of chronic prostatitis is mental pressure.
Massage can promote the circulation of blood and accelerate the decomposition of harmful substances in the body/massage the soles of feet is a good health care method, which can not only protect health but also prevent diseases.

A foot massage can significantly stimulate the reflex area of various parts, make the blood circulation smooth, eliminate the metabolic waste accumulated in the body, make the metabolism function normal operation, and finally achieve the improvement effect.

In addition, stimulation of certain specific parts of the body surface can regulate the activation function of the visceral organs, moderate and slight continuous stimulation can inhibit the central and peripheral nerves, while rapid, heavy and short stimulation can stimulate the central and peripheral nerves. Since massage can regulate the nervous system in our body, it can eliminate mental fatigue and improve sexual dysfunction.
However, massage can only play an auxiliary role; the treatment of chronic prostatitis is indispensable. The formula of herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has broad-spectrum antibacterial Effect, which can kill bacteria, improve tissue environment, accelerate blood circulation and eliminate pathological changes. 
This pill can be used for a long time and will not produce any side effects. In the process of using the medicine, it can repair the body tissue damaged by the bacteria. It has the same significant Effect on the complications accompanied by chronic prostatitis. When chronic prostatitis is treated, sexual dysfunction can also be enhanced.

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