Natural Treatment Cure Sexual Dysfunction Triggered by Chronic Prostatitis

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In some chronic prostatitis cases, the stimulation of chronic inflammation often makes the patients have perineum discomfort, pain in the waist, penis, testis, etc., as well as urinary tract stimulation to cause psychological pressure, depression.
For a long time, it can reduce the sexual desire of patients. When stimulated by inflammation, premature ejaculation and ejaculation pain may occur. Over time, psychological fear of sexual life will occur, the number of sexual life will be reduced, and sexual desire will be reduced. And here are some natural treatments for sexual dysfunction caused by chronic prostatitis.

According to clinical investigation, reasonable sports can greatly improve the quality and fun of sexual life, not only can reduce the occurrence of sexual dysfunction, but also can significantly enhance sexual desire.
Generally speaking, as long as you exercise 2-4 times a week, each time lasting for 30-45 minutes, and the exercise heart rate is controlled between 100-124 times/min, you will enjoy great pleasure in your sexual life.
People compared two groups of married men who took part in sports and did not take part in sports and found that men who took part in fitness, running, or playing tennis twice a week had higher sexual pleasure than those who did not take part in any sports. Among them, 80 men who exercise regularly said that since they took part in exercise 2-3 times a week, their confidence in sexual life has greatly increased, and their sexual behavior has become more active.

Diet therapy
Studies have shown that vitamin A and vitamin E are related to maintaining sexual function and delaying aging. They play a decisive role in promoting the development of testis, increasing the production of spermatozoa, and enhancing their vitality. Vitamin C also has a positive effect on the recovery of sexual function, which is rich in fresh jujube, hawthorn, green pepper, tomato and other fruits and vegetables.
In addition, moderate consumption of fatty food will promote the secretion of estrogen, improve sexual desire and quality of sexual life. However, it should be noted that a considerable part of the food materials for diet therapy contain certain sex hormones or similar sex hormones.
These foods containing sex hormones or sex hormones can stimulate the sexual nerve and genitourinary system of men, cause chronic hyperemia and blood circulation disorder of the corresponding genitourinary system. 

In the absence of normal blood nourishment and maintenance, it will directly accelerate the aging and necrosis of the corresponding genitourinary system organs, aggravate the abnormalities or lesions, and eventually lead to the deterioration of the corresponding sexual dysfunction.

Strengthening the guidance of sexual knowledge, eliminating the concerns and fears of sexual problems, correcting the wrong sexual concepts and sexual intercourse methods can help coordinate the sexual life of husband and wife. Psychotherapy emphasizes individualized therapy, which includes psychoanalysis, aversion therapy, systemic desensitization therapy and family therapy.
Music therapy
In addition, for prostatitis patients, music therapy for adjuvant treatment is recommended. The relationship between music and health is very close. Music can adjust the function of the nervous system, eliminate depression, tension and anxiety, relieve muscle tension, eliminate fatigue, stimulate energy and physical strength, and improve work efficiency.
Massage can increase the amount of urine, make the protein in the body decompose, produce uric acid, urea and so on to be discharged from the body, and the amount of nitrogen excretion in the urine also increases. Massage related acupoints can treat sexual dysfunction and improve the quality of sexual life.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, sexual dysfunction is mainly related to the kidneys, and acupuncture can correct the dysfunction of kidney function through the function of meridians and be used to treat sexual impotence, spermatorrhea, and other sexual functional symptoms.
Herbal medicine
Because sexual dysfunction is caused by chronic prostatitis which has not been cured in time, if we want to enhance sexual function thoroughly, root cause - prostatitis needs to be removed. Patients can consider taking the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill which has no side effects. It has the functions of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, diuretic and relieving stranguria.

Therefore, it can effectively kill all kinds of pathogenic bacteria, eliminate the discomfort and sexual dysfunctional symptoms of patients. Among them, some ingredients such as Houttuynia cordata have the effect of enhancing the immunity of patients, which can effectively help patients prevent a recurrence.

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