Is Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment Safe for Chronic Prostatitis?

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According to statistics, chronic prostatitis accounts for about 25% of the adult male outpatients in urology, mostly in young adults aged 20-40.
Chronic prostatitis, which is called turbid sperm, stranguria in traditional Chinese medicine, has been recorded in many ancient Chinese books. Traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) has a long history of understanding its etiology and pathogenesis and has been continuously deepening and improving.

It points out that the core of its pathogenesis is the deficiency of the original and the standard of the actual. Kidney deficiency, spleen deficiency, damp heat, Qi stagnation, and blood stasis are considered as the main pathogenic factors of chronic prostatitis.
The treatment advantage of TCM is to increase the concentration of the drug efficacy in the prostate and kill the pathogens. At the same time, it also has the functions of clearing away heat and dampness, promoting blood circulation, eliminating swelling and pain.
Therefore, it can act on the surrounding area of the prostate, expand local blood vessels, promote blood circulation, improve tissue nutrition, accelerate the excretion of metabolites, promote tissue repair, and quickly improve or eliminate the symptoms of pain and discomfort.
The special anatomical structure of the prostate and the pathological characteristics of chronic prostatitis make its treatment extremely difficult. For example, if the prostate tube and urethra enter the urethra at a right angle or obliquely, it is not conducive to the drainage of glands.

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